May in June 2019


I am dreadfully late putting out the May edition of Camera clips.  Above, the banner is an image of Victoria Falls by Kerry Malec.  This appeared in our Elements competition and the element in this case was water.

In this edition – Concept PhotographyThe elementsNegative SpaceSmoke PhotographyStavros Pippos.

I have included articles that were written before the elements competition to stimulate ideas, and again I apologize that they are being published after the event.  Regardless have a read and let me know what you think.  I have received very positive reviews about some of the camera clips articles from last edition.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to give me feedback.

Regards James


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Mad March 2019


This edition of Camera Clips is late.  I apologize to the authors who had their articles submitted quite early in the piece.  There has been a lot happening in the club.  We have had the architecture competition, an invitation to hear Ken Duncan speak and we have hosted Stavros Pippos.  There has been a peer review night and an excursion.  Make sure you catch up on the events in  this months edition of camera clips.  We also have articles from Helen Whitford, Ray Goulter and myself.


James Allan

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Start of the year 2019

2019 january banner architecture

Welcome to 2019.  I have pulled together the January edition of Camera clips.  In case you missed the recent events, this is your chance to see what happened in the 31 day challenge and the Architecture excursion.  There are two additional articles, “perspective in photography” and “Steve McCurry“.   Useful reading for the upcoming Architecture competition.  Keep cool as the warm weather hits.  Hope to see you in the coming weeks.

James Allan

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End of Year 2018 Edition

Glacier Banner 1

The glacier above was taken by Duart McLean on his trip to Iceland.  It was not his highest scoring image and did not win an award.  However in my books it is a top image.  Read about his trip in this edition of Camera Clips.  Camera Clips recognizes that there are many top images and we want to celebrate everybody who has entered the annual awards.  You can see everybody’s “Top Image”, (as well as the awarded images) in the article of the same name.

I have managed to get the powerpoint presentation by Stuart Templeton on Star trail photography.  There are also some images from Spain and Portugal.  Ray explains another old film camera, the Olympus Trip 35…  and there are several more articles in the latest edition of Camera Clips.  You can find the December edition by clicking here.

Don’t forget to get involved in the 31 day challenge this December.  You don’t have to put in a photograph every day, just try and do as many as possible.  For those who are not entering, make sure you are watching the Flikr page and commenting on the images as they come in.

Have a good Christmas and a great New Year.

James (editor for Camera Clips)

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September 2018 Camera Clips

Kerry-Malec_Eastern-Rosella-Twirled Banner

Frances and I am going to be away for the next 6 weeks on holidays.  We will be missing the AGM and the last competition for the year.  With that in mind I have pushed forward the next edition of Camera Clips.    A couple of the articles have been sitting on file for many years.  I was given a copy of  a series of articles describing basic techniques for beginner photographers by Brenda Amos.  There is an explanation of the Golden Ratio and how it applies to photography.   Judy Sara has given me a write up of her travels to East Indonesia.  We have a series of photographs and quotes from Tracey Moffatt.  Lastly there are tips for the upcoming excursion to Laratinga.

Here is the link

I have you enjoy this edition.

James  (editor)

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August 2018 Camera Clips

Clown Banner2

Hi All,

It always seems a surprise to me when I complete each edition of camera clips.  Well I have done it again.  This edition has an article by Anthony Kernich on airport photography.  We have images from the recent excursions to McLaren Vale and Rundle Mall.  Ursula Prucha a prolific photographer when I first joined the club has recently passed away after a period of poor health. In this edition I have showcased a selection of her images, including the banner above.  There is an article on David Hockney and on HDR processing with the NIK HDR pro software.  And there is more.  Have fun exploring this months contributions.


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June Camera Clips

Tao Dancers BannerI have just this moment released June Camera Clips.   I have been experimenting with a different look this month.  I am using the banners as navigational tools rather than the hyperlinks in the text.  Accordingly every article get’s it’s own banner.  Most of the banners are sourced from the club competition on the theme street photograpy.

We have two articles from Judy Sara, on Macro Photography and on the Tailem Bend excursion.  Ray Goulter has an explanation of  the Johnson “Cutplate” Developing Tank .  Frances Allan has described the creation of a rather impressive product photograph.  I give Google sights map a test run, and lastly a short explanation of solarisation.

Well worth the time reading.  Here is the link to this edition.

Regards James


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