December 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

The 31 day challenge asks the photographer to post a set of 31 images, one a day for the month of December.  You can find previous iterations of this exercise in previous editions of camera clips.  2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. I must admit, I was a little busy to fully engage in the 31 day challenge this year, and missed many of the postings.  Frances and I were travelling in the Victorian high country.   However Chris Schultz being true to form got the ball rolling.   You can see Chris’s summary pf this year on the BPC web page here.  Thanks to Chris for his enthusiasm.  In my mind it doesn’t matter if you miss a few days – it’s better to contribute, even if you don’t get all 31 days.

This year the challenge crossed paths with an unexpected and interesting coincidence.  In early November Frances was invited to post 7 black and white images on facebook in 7 days.  No explanation – just reflect your life.  Then I was nominated by Stephanie Mallin, and I nominated Chris Schultz who nominated others in the club.  Chris has written a brief piece on his experience of the 7 day challenge.  With this introduction, the 31 day challenge started off with a plethora of monochrome images.  A theme which lasted until the end for some members, (Judy Sara and Chris in particular).  Judy has even produced a marvelous monochrome photobook from the challenge.    Monochrome and the “square crop” became dominant themes,  making me think we were all yearning for a bygone era of the medium format Hasselbladt cameras.

I was delightfully surprised at the images when I went back to make my selection.  I love the beautiful golden light and evocative S bend in Anthony Kernicks racing car image.  This is perhaps my favourite of all the images.  Several images made me laugh.  Bruces monochrome spectacles and Jen’s extra grainy Christmas day prawn taken on the I-phone.  I absolutely loved the abstract feel of Jen’s photo of a submerged swimmer.  Chris has captured some powerful emotion with his series of monochrome street scenes.  I think my favorites are Mo the clown and the Limbo dancer.  Judy’s petunia received praise from Arthur Farmer, “that looks like one of mine”.   Heather Connolly posted a handful of strong nature images as did Pauline Crawford.  I enjoyed shooting my images of the high country, but admit they did not reflect the general monochrome theme.  I think this years 31 day challenge has produces a very enjoyable set of images.  It is interesting to compare them with previous years.

You can see the complete set by visiting the club Flickr page.