GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN – David Douglas Martin

David's Picture3My first half a dozen masterpieces were created on the first frame of Mother’s Box Brownie. Later she taught me how to wind on the film. After joining the Royal Navy I purchased my first “serious” camera, a Franka Solida III. A folding camera with an inbuilt rangefinder & a f2.8 Schneider lens set in a Compur Rapid shutter it became a constant companion throughout much of my naval career. The ZeissIkon Ikoflex sporting an f2.8 Tessar lens was on my wish list for a while but at the time was beyond the reaches of a limited budget. Later an excellent working model was acquired in the ‘90’s. Both of the cameras have at different times & in different ways brought much satisfaction in their use & possession & have been sadly missed since my collection was sold.

David D-M

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