Rock and Roll Rendezvous – The pictures

The weather prediction was for “clearing showers.”  Indeed we had little bursts of rain.  Perhaps that is why we had a low turn out. Regardless it was a fun day and well organised by Ashley.  Jen and Ashley were both shooting with their medium format cameras (see below).  I was taken by the styling in the old classic cars, the Chevrolet and Mustangs.  I just loved the two tone paint jobs, chrome trimmings, white walled tyres, especially with a light sprinkling of rain.    I even found the first car I owned, a Wolseley.   Mind you it was in better nick than the one I drove.   Frances and the other two gravitated to the dance floor where a rock and roll band played and guys and gals danced.  The guys with hair slicked, fedora hats donned, sunnies, and the girls, skirts twirling, diamenti glasses and bobby socks.  A grand day out.  I would say that it was well worth the drive through the hills.  Thanks Ashley.