The Sub-committee Report


To the Blackwood Photography Club Committee
Re The motion passed at the Annual General Meeting to form a Sub-Committee to investigate ways to increase participation in Club Competition and retain membership
These findings are the result of 3 Sub-Committee meetings with the BPC membership, regarding their thoughts and ideas on club participation. There are four Topics that members were most passionate about, they are;

  1. Peer Review
  2. Welcome Kit
  3. Excursions & Workshops
  4. Judges & Judging.

Within these topics we have outlined all of the thoughts and ideas that members were most passionate about.
We hope that the BPC committee enjoy reading these findings and as much as the subcommittee has enjoyed collating them.

Peer Review

  • Round table group discussions with one person at each table who can manage time spent on each
  • A person who has the experience to guide constructive comments and discussion •
  • Laptops or tablets to be used for digital images
  • Only one format to be presented on the night Digital or Print
  • Short instructional presentation before peer review and meetings (except competition night) e.g. Uncle Arthurs tips

Welcome Kit

  • Must have paid membership fees to be provided with Welcome Kit ( all members in
    the first instance to be issued with kit and then afterwards to new members only) •
  • Look into getting some sponsorship from Diamonds providing a bag with some of
    their current promotions with the idea of using this as part of the Welcome Kit
  • Detailed outline of Competition Rules including digital formatting and print sizes • Program booklet
  • Three A4 Mattes to encourage entering competitions
  • Small notepad
  • Information on where mattes can be obtained cheaply with min and max sizes • List all current members of Committee with small ID photo
  • List of Excursions planned for the year
  • Provide info-on all our Social Media resources Web Page, Flickr, Facebook
  • One on One Mentoring (First need to find out which experienced members would be willing to provide one on one mentoring) Provide a list of members who would be willing to mentor new members and list the brand of camera they use e.g. Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Analogue options
  • Add the question “what do you want to get out of this club “to the questionnaire we
    hand out to new members and to explain this is to assist with program planning
  • Survey members asking what workshops topics they would like to have presented. • Club Identification card

Excursions & Workshops

  • Whoever is the Excursion Leader/organiser to provide some photographic advice
    specific to the outing e.g. Macro; what settings to use, advice on stacking etc.
  • Repeat of same excursion topic to instil what was learned at the first excursion and
    to be able to gauge what was learnt.
  • 30 min workshop before an excursion with members then putting workshop techniques into practice
  • Link excursion photos to Peer Review nights to get feedback • Inter-Club Excursions with a competition at a later date
  • Vary times of Excursions to incorporate Sunrise and Sunset
  • Workshops to tie-in with Excursions, and both having reference to coming
    competition topics
  • Keep Workshops Simple with no more than 2 or 3 points presented • Get back to Basics of Photography e.g. “Get off Automatic”

Judges & Judging

  • Clear and detailed guidelines for Set Subject so there is no misunderstanding from the judge
  • Dedicated groups to organise set up of competition night
  • Continue sourcing Judges from outside the SAPF club judges
  • Keep the night Professional no Banter with the Judges from the persons displaying images
  • MC to maintain a decorum during Judging process (no one in the audience to speak or call out comments)
  • No acknowledgement of the Author during Judging
  • Strict compliance to competition rules especially regarding the print image e.g. Print images to be hung in a timely manner so all images are hung before Judge starts his first appraisal


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