From Planes; Vicki Kramer

I was speaking to Vicki Kramer earlier this year and she was explaining to me her passion for photography from plane windows.  Vicki has agreed to share some of the images from her Flickr album on this theme.  I will let Vicki explain in her own words:

From Planes - 4

Taking off from Seattle airport, June 2005, I have a feeling this might be Mt Hood in Oregon.

From Planes - 10

The classic Qantas plane, Wunala Dreaming, taken at LAX

From Planes - 1

Flying over a few of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

From Planes - 3

Minnesota was such a delight to take photos from the air, its the state that has 10,000 lakes. Water everywhere!

From Planes - 5

American crop circles, possibly in California. If I was to edit this again I would work on the haze a little more.

From Planes - 6

American Airline hub is in Dallas Texas, so everything goes in and out of there. I had quite a long wait between flights so I rode the air train between all four terminals to pass the time. As you can imagine its a hub of activity as you peer down from the train.

From Planes - 7

I was in Fresno California the day before this picture was taken, and this flight was a Fresno to Seattle via Dallas! Talk about a roundabout way to get there! Loving the sharp peaks and how they carve out the shadows. Always a bit of blue tinge which I try to correct post processing.

From Planes - 8

Its common to see industrial land, factories and buildings next to airports. This was in San Francisco. Lovely colour variations.

From Planes - 9

I did a lot of travel in 2005. This flight might have been when I moved to Melbourne, where my photographic and managerial career really took off.

From Planes - 2

June 2005, flying Minnesota to London, loving the colours in the sky.