June 2013 Camera Clips

June  BannerWelcome to the June edition of Camera clips.  A lot has been happening of late and I don’t have a hope of covering all the news in the newsletter.  Please remember to go to the blog on the website where you can read about the recent competitions, (Science / Nature and Red), expeditions to Port Adelaide and Gorge wildlife park, as well as  our guest speaker Barry O’Brien, photographer for the Advertiser newspaper.

Recent competitions have seen a range of judging styles and there has been some debate within the club about style and image integrity.   We may be running a debate (similar to a Jeffrey Robinson hypothetical) where we will get some of the club members to put forward different points of view on this topic.  We will notify you closer to the time.

Chris Schultz’s monochrome image skin tones has been chosen for this weeks banner.  I was very impressed by the image and it is worth looking at the original in the top digital images section of the club webpage.  Like wise another image, by Steve Wallace has stimulated an article on Canyon photography by Peter Lik (page 2).

A third image by Mark Peddlar has been presented on page 3.  Mark explained during the last Crit. night how he had used a photoshop technique to restore the original range of tones in the image.  In this article, Mark has explained the steps in more detail. Have a look at his article.  It is well worth learning this approach.

On page 4 John Duckmanton has given me another of his original articles.  This one describes  how to create interesting abstract effects by burning slide transparencies.   I love John’s articles, they are innovative and interesting.

On the next page David Douglas Martin has taken a different angle where he has written an article on the O-Flash a cheap way to get a ring flash that can be used for macro work and portrait photography.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time?  Our impressions of former times are influenced heavily by the images we have from that era.  The late 19th and early 20th centaury are black and white in my mind .   Perhaps because the era is depicted by so many excellent monochrome images.  However the US congressional achieves have unearthed some really early colour images taken in Russia prior to the first world war.  It is hard to believe that these images are so old.  They look much more contemporary, perhaps a 1970’s travel documentary.   Check it out on page 6.  It might even change the way you see the past.

Talking of the past, the club will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.  Julie Goulter has done a fine job of organizing an afternoon tea in the Mitcham historic precinct.  Make sure to leave the 14th of July free.

Lastly we have our gallery of members images.  In this case they are pictures from the Port Adelaide Excursion.  There are many fine images including this Mini-world panorama of me crossing the street (above) taken by Joe Tabe.