February 2017


Welcome to a new year in Camera Club.  The banner this month comes from the 50 shades of Orange competition.  I was particularly taken by  Al-Falah Danjhi entry into the novice competition – “by the pool”.  There is a lovely wash of orange colour across the face of the model reflected up from the orange towel.  I also like Mark Pedlars abstract (below),  entitled ghosts.

mark_pedlar_ghostsYou can see more of the entries to this competition, both digital and print at the club web page.

In January there was an excursion to the Adelaide central market led by Bruce Nankervil.  The write up is on the club webpage, link.  We do however have the two articles in camera clips with recommendations and advice on market photography that were written for this excursion.  One by Bruce and the other by myself.

Tariq is hosting the subsequent excursion to Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens later this month.  He has given a range of ideas on “Straight out of the Camera” photography, or SOOC for short.

Mark Pedlar has also written an opinion piece on SOOC photography that you can find on the club web page.  In addition Mark has written an excellent article on the meaning of numbers in photography.  Both of these articles have been posted on the web page along with the criteria for the SOOC competition.  (Thanks Chris).

Helen Whitford led a guided critique session last week.  Helen has been judging for a number of years and has a good reputation among the clubs she has visited.  I have been able to print her list of questions used to guide interpretation of images.  I hope that this is a useful resource.

The other day I asked a colleague if they enjoyed their photography.  “You have such a fun portfolio”  They replied, “I enjoy life, and I photograph what I enjoy.”

With that in mind I hope you enjoy this edition as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.



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