October 2013 – Travel Edition

october bannerWelcome to the October edition of Camera clips.  You will see  that the banner comes from Steve Wallace who traveled to Alaska with his wife Judy to kayak on the inside passage.  This month is a special edition.  I have asked 4 of our members to take us on one of their holidays, showing some of their photos.  (Actually I asked 7, but only got replies from 4.)  Graham, Melinda and Steve are all writing for the first time in Camera clips.   Mark Pedlar is a seasoned writer (and photographer).  Chris Schultz our beloved past president has also traveled recently to Vietnam.  If you want to see Chris’s photos you will need to visit his flickr page.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/46878136@N02/ Each of these contributions is superb in it’s own way.  Read on to see what they have prepared.

picture1This month has been quite busy.  We have had a couple of critique nights, a competition, titled Emotions and a couple of excursions (orchid hunting and Theberton).  In addition  Eric Budworth and his wife Rhonda lead a small contingent to Broken Hill.  Frances and I accompanied this group along with Mark and Jenny Pedlar, Carolyn, her daughter Tamara and husband Patrick.   You can see us all quite clearly in the photograph on the above  taken at the living desert sculpture park.  We stayed in a luxurious settings at the old Catholic convent.  Hopefully we will see some of the photographs from this trip appearing in the next competition.

We have recently had our annual general meeting, where Chris Schultz stepped down as president in favour of Ashley Hoff.  Julie and Ray Goulter will take on Secretary and Treasurer roles while the remainder of the committee will consist of  Mark Pedlar, Richard Wormald, Helen Whitford, Melinda Hine, Chris Schultz, Graham Field and myself.  There was appreciation for the contribution of retiring members, Matt, Yvonne, Carolyn and Adrian.  The AGM saw a lively discussion with lots of good ideas for the next year of competition.  Ashley reaffirmed his commitment to the critique nights and his vision for developing an alternative agenda to complement the competition nights. This has been a dynamic year for the club and I look forward to the input from the new president and the new committee.

The club recently celebrated it’s 30th anniversary with High tea at the Mitcham cultural institute.  This event was well attended by current and past members, thanks to the tireless efforts of Julie Goulter.  There was a slide show, depicting past members participating in club events, as well as a display of representative works from the club competitions.

Take a look at the program for the end of the year.  You will need to start work on preparing your images for the Annual exhibition.  There is also one more competition, Urban landscapes.  Don’t forget to put in an order for the club calendar which will be available soon.  So read on and I hope you enjoy these four very different, but interesting journeys in this months edition of Camera Clips.