Spot Colour using Snapseed – Judy Sara

Snapseed is an app that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone or Ipad.

If you want to use it on your computer you need to download a program called Blue Stacks 4 first then Snapseed is used within that program.

These notes are made using a computer so the screen may look slightly different from that on a phone/Ipad but the process is the same.

There are numerous ways to process an image – these instructions are just one way!

Open up the image in Snapseed.

  • On your phone/Ipad open Snapseed then
  • open the image from your device or inbuilt camera.
  • This image is key stoned so we need to straighten it up.


  • Correct the perspective by touching the pencil icon in the right-side panel (or Open Tools on mobile) and chose perspective.
  • I chose freeform then used my fingers (mouse) on the arrows to pull the image into shape.



The program did a good job of straightening the horizontals and verticals.

  • Commit to this edit by tapping the tick bottom right.
  • However, in the process it did a but a terrible job of filling in the left-hand side. That needs to be cropped out!
  • Once again open the Tools panel and choose crop (I used the free form option) and click to commit to that edit.




  • To convert to Black and white, touch the pencil icon (Open Tools) again and choose Black and White.
  • There are a number of ways you could develop your Black and White. I chose the Bright preset style but you could use the color filter or make your own Adjusts.



  • Tap the tick to commit to this edit (layer).
  • Next, go to the stacks (layers) icon top right and View Edits




  • Choose the middle symbol, which is the Stack Brush.
  • Tap Invert and Mask to turn them on. Make sure the Black and White is on 0 (use the increase or decrease arrow to get the 0)
  • Remove the mask over the section you want coloured by using two fingers.
    • The wider apart you pull them the smaller the erase brush becomes enabling you to work in finer detail.
    • There is a navigation panel to the left to show you where you are in the image (shown by the red arrow).
    • Don’t worry if you remove too much. You can correct by changing the Black and White to 100 and painting the mask back on.


  • Tap on the arrow Top Left to get out of the stacks.
  • When you have the image to your liking you can save the new image with your adjustments.


  • Tap on the download icon bottom right (Export in mobile) and choose either to share, save or export.

When working from a laptop, click Share (the edits are then rendered into the final file), then click Save on File Manager. From there, send to Windows and choose the folder you want to save it in.