Lake Bonney – Alberto Giurelli

Hi James,
I have just had time to sit at the computer. I will throw a couple of lines down about the long weekend. Photos to follow.
Hi All,
I’m not sure about you, but I find myself submerged with Raw photos filling up my storage and very little time to process them. The long weekend
at Barmera has just added to the pile, but it has also added to the memory pile too. We had a blast and the weather held up just for us.
On the Friday we found ourselves travelling early and those few that made the journey trickled through till late. Matter a fact James and Frances, due
to unforseen reasons got there the following morning. With my family and some friends we booked a couple of the top cabins, and I feel the others
liked them too, since my place seemed to be base camp for the whole period.
We spent considerable time shooting both from the water as from land, starting at sunrise and going into the night. Although it was cold, this didn’t stop
us from getting into our kayaks and exploring the local backwaters.
One night, before heading out to attempt some star trails, we had a social get together, where everyone brought something to eat and drink. Katy’s lasagne
made it about 3 times into Russell’s plate and I went twice to Helen’s veg. curry soup, even if I don’t do soup…. Anyhow, you get the picture.
Jo and Graham come up for the day and we enjoyed hooning around the dirt roads, and for the record it took me half a day to get the dirt of my new car, once
we got back to Adelaide.
So here’s my summing up:
  • Be aware of Russell (Helen’s Hubby) he drives like a maniac
  • Hide food from Russell, it will disappear
  • If you’re planning to meet up with James, tell him at least 30 minutes earlier than your real time
  • Don’t wake up Helen without a great plan, she will ask you what has she got to gain from it…..
  • Don’t compliment Katy’s (my wife) cooking  she’ll give you a doggy bag on departure after you have unsuccessfully attempted to have 3 serves of her lasagne (unless you’re Russell)
  • Don’t try to race James or Frances in there super slick kayaks (also red, and we all know red goes faster), you have no chance
  • Remind James to take a fully charged battery when launching his kayak at dawn, since it’s a long way back to get a spare one, even for you James on your paddle Ferrari
  • And if you find a stray photographer in the cabin next door, and you offer this total stranger to come out and shoot star trails, just be prepared to spend your night explaining how the whole frikken thing works!!!!!
Seriously though, we had a great time and I can’t wait to see everyone’s work.
Alberto Giurelli
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