31 Day Challenge – Gallery

At the last minute it was decided to embark on the 31 day photo challenge for the third time in 4 years. You can see selected images in a banner running across the bottom
of this months newsletter. It was well patronised with 31 images coming from at least 6—8 members of the club and additional images from other contributors. Of particular interest we had both our current President (Ashley Hoff) and past presidents(Chris Schultz and David Douglas Martin) contributing. Ashley produced many images in monochrome including some stunning self portrait work. Chris on the other hand explored the techniques of product advertising to photograph objects in his home environment. David drew a lot of inspiration from his garden. He exhibits amazing prowess in crystalising day to day events as a photo journal. Ken and Anne Trebilcock along with Gloria and Kim Brumfield quickly settled into a daily rhythm with many noteable images. Kerry Malec also put in a fantastic effort. She tells me that she found herself spending all day with the camera or the computer. I must admit that I found it hard to get inspiration at the end of a busy day at work. I wanted to develop a theme, but in the end gave way to the most expedient image of the day. It is worth going to the club Flickr page and perusing the images to see what a variety of images were presented. Although the 31 Day Challenge has drawn to a close, the photographs keep appearing in the Flickr group. Well done all.

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