August 2020

Games we Play Banner

Welcome to August Camera Clips.  Since last writing we have had 2 competitions.  Above is a banner by Libby Moore from letters and numbers competition, “games we play”.  Below are two banners from the wind powered competition. The first of a windmill by myself and the second a sailing ship by Helen Whitford.  This second competition was judged by the audience.  I have written up an explanation of the technique, “Community Judging“.  This could be a valuable tool for use in emergencies when we find ourselves without a judge.

Southern CrossWindmill Banner

Fully Rigged Banner

Lastly a banner from the open section of the letters and number competition by Judy Sara.  As always have a look at the club web page for a write up of the competitions and a collection of all of the images presented.


Paul Hughes had mentioned to me that the topics seemed difficult this year.  We discussed the letters and number competition.  I had intended was to write an article to give some ideas on how to use letters and numbers as a subject.  Well I was a little late and we have already run the competition.  Many of the ideas came out in the contest.  Some images used whole words, some chose individual letters.  Some used masking techniques to write letters with textures.  I have always liked images where the shape of letters are found in everyday objects.  I discovered a business in the UK that will make signs from these discovered letters, Alphabet Photography Inc. I have also put together my own alphabet of letter shapes.  You should give it a try.  It’s a fun exercise.

Alphabet 2a

Last month Howard Seaman ran a successful workshops on post production techniques.  He has given us a written report.  We have also had a travelogue of South Australian destinations.  (Apt considering the borders are currently closed).  I have three of the presentations published this week.  Pildappa rocks, Rogues point and The Lavender trail.

We are in the midst of change with all of the Covid virus and it’s restrictions.  I have found that it is important to be adaptable.  We have had one session (travelogue) in the hall.  This seemed to be quite successful and we were looking at doing the wind powered competition as well when the new restrictions were enforced.  Accordingly we resurrected the idea of Community judging.  It is likely that we will be running a mixture of on line and venue meetings in the future.  We probably have to run both formats in order to meet the needs of our members.  Anyway, stay safe, and hope to catch up soon.

James Allan