The Beach Project – Jen Williams

Hi Jen,
I enjoyed your dead fish and beach story the other night.  I was wondering whether you could take 4 or 5 photos from your presentation and write me a paragraph of explanation that I could put into Camera Clips.James
Hello James have picked out five photo’s from the Beach Project for your Camera Clips
    test D5100 034c

The Beach Project started with a dead fish. Whether the fish is washed up or left to rot by a fisherman, it’s the skeleton remains that I find interesting. Every time I go to the beach I try to find one.

035cAfter a while I noticed it was not just dead fish that washed up on the shore or was left behind by another beach goer.  I started to focus on a variety of items that I came across the photo of the Coke bottle cap was found at Christies Beach.

 005cRocks, pebbles and stones are another item of interest and the photo of the Pyramid Rock was found at Hallet Cove. There is also a rock formation there that reminds me of a Whale.

087cI soon turned the camera on the interesting people that frequent our shores. On a stay at Normanville I came across the three Horses  in a row (they remind me of the ducks in a row).


The last photo is of the Jetty at Pt Noarlunga. Sunset is an alluring thing and I can’t help myself I have to try to capture the feel of it. The jetty full with fisherman for me was the perfect foreground to the amazing colours in the sky. It also filled another fascination for me, silhouettes. I love the mystery of silhouettes, you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks.

I hope this is what you were after

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