Wireless control of Nikon DSLRS – James Allan

Nikon WU-1aThere is a free Ap for Android phones called, DslrDashboard. It is designed to control your  SLR via a USB cable from your smart phone or tablet. It allows you to change a wide range of camera settings from the device as well as view the screen in live view. It is even possible to autofocus on a range of points using the touch screen. Images captured can be stored straight to your phone. It does depend on the USB capability of your phone in order to work. As Terry says, this is ideal for Macro, long exposure and tripod shots etc.
I have read that it is also possible to use DSLDashboard through the Wifi connectivity of modern Nikon cameras, or with a Wifi adaptor (WU-1a or 1-b) (picture above) for older Nikon cameras (Like the D7000). This retails for around $70 AUSD. According to some reviewers the Wifi may not be stable and although rated for 16 meters has been known to drop out at 3 meters. One wildlife photographer uses 2 phones. One connected to the camera by a cable will act as a slave and transmit to the other phone in his hand. Sounds interesting.

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