STRATHALBYN – ‘Break The Boundaries’ – Bruce Nankivell

Strath 1


With the ‘Break The Boundaries’ competition on August 30, this outing will give you the chance to create images that challenge your own photographic comfort zone.

Founded in 1839, Strathalbyn has plenty of historic features for us to explore through the view finder: a wide range of character old buildings; an historic railway station; picturesque river and gardens; antique shops along High Street; some great old pubs; court house and police station; churches; bridges; an old Mill House; and Grain Store and the list goes on.

If that’s not enough there is also:

  • The Strathalbyn Bands Festival in the Town Hall at 11 High St. (No. 30 on the ‘A Walk Around The Town’ brochure – attached), from 11am-4pm, $8 entry (see attached). The biggest gathering of non-competition bands in S.A. – concert, swing, brass and town.
  • I even found a banner outside the Grain Store promoting a ‘Pop up Cellar Door’ ….nice, should get the creativity fired up! (see attached). It’s number 20 on the ‘A Walk Around The Town’ brochure which is also attached.
  • Skate Park – Apparently it’s a “..rad bowl”. Might make for some interesting shots. Coming from Wistow go straight through the first roundabout (East Terrace is on the left) and it’s almost immediately on your right on N. Parade.

I picked up a couple of walk brochures from the information centre which are attached:

  1. ‘A Walk Around The Town’ – an historic walk around Strathalbyn
  2. River Angas Walkway – a self-guided walk through Strathalbyn following the Angas River.


DATE: Sunday August 12

TIME: 10am

MEET: The Visitor Information Centre (Railway Station) – 20 South Terrace. (No. 1 on the ‘A Walk Around The Town’ brochure)

FINISH: 12 noon in the Street Corner Bakery opposite the Information Centre….for “health food” and coffee J.

 Could you please let me know if you are intending to come along just so I know who to look for. When you do could you also give me your mobile number.

 Look forward to seeing you in Strathalbyn.

Bruce Nankivell