2014 Quiz

15 Questions relating to 2014 Camera Clips

  1. When Developing Black and White Film, it is permissible to dilute to a 1 in 3 concentration which one of the following reagents?
    1. Developer
    2. Bath
    3. Fixer

article- Ray Goulter

  1. The ‘Tin type’ was an early metal plate photographic process. What was the metal used in the plate?
    1. Iron
    2. Copper
    3. Tin

article –  Ashley Hoff 

  1. Hedda Hammer Morrison was a famous Australian Photographer. What was her country of birth?
    1. New Zealand
    2. China
    3. Germany

article – James Allan 

  1. When making a stitched panorama you may get inaccuracies caused by parallax. These can be minimized or avoided by rotating the camera around which point?
    1. The nodal point of the lens
    2. The aperture diaphragm
    3. The tripod attachment

Article – James Allan

  1. The National Gallery of Australia displays the iconic image of Harold Savage by the Photographer Max Dupain. What is the title of this image?
    1. The Lifeguard
    2. The Sunbaker
    3. The Bodysurfer

Article – Ray Goulter

  1. The movement created by Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen to further the aims of artistic photography was known as what?
    1. The Photo Secession
    2. “Straight Photography”
    3. The F64 Club

Article – Richard Akroyd

  1. In Italy around 1910 a group of musicians, artists and photographers set out to explore ideas of technology, speed, industry and Youth. This movement became known as what?
    1. Constructivism
    2. Modernism
    3. Futurism

Article – James Allan

  1. The Photogram is an image made with what type of Camera?
    1. Camera Obscura
    2. Pin Hole Camera
    3. Made without a Camera

Article – James Allan

  1. Which of the following film size is suitable for a medium format camera?
    1. 24 x 36mm
    2. 102 x 127mm
    3. 120 film

Article – Ashley Hoff 

  1. Which description best fits the term “High Key”
    1. An image which is predominantly light
    2. An image in which the highlights are light
    3. An image which is predominantly dark

Article –  James Allan

  1. Dynamic range is a term to describe the range of tonal values a receptor can distinguish. The average digital camera can distinguish around 3EV of tonal range.  What is the range of the human eye?
    1. 5Ev
    2. 9Ev
    3. 11EV

Article – Richard Akroyd

  1. What is the name of the concept photographer who created elaborate self-portraits that she described as “movie stills”?
    1. Annie Leibovitz
    2. Cindy Sherman
    3. Susan Sontag

Article – Janes Allan

  1. What is the name given to the technique of taking several pictures of the same scene at different exposure settings?
    1. Shutter lag
    2. Burst mode
    3. Bracketing

Article – James Allan

  1. In the darkroom what is the name of the process whereby an area of the print that is too light can be darkened?
    1. Burning – or exposing the area for a longer period
    2. Dodging – or exposing the area for a shorter period
    3. Solarization – or brief light exposure mid way through developing

Article – Alberto Giurelli

  1. When a photographer wants two objects at different distances to appear sharp he might focus between the two objects and use the depth of field to achieve sharpness. What is the name of this focus point?
    1. Bracketing point
    2. Hyper focal distance
    3. The nodal point

Article –  Chris Schultz

Answers – aacbbacccacbcab

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