December 2019


Welcome to the last Camera Clips for 2019.  As you can see I have gone to town selecting images from the annual exhibition to create banners for this month.  There were a large number of images that took my eye.  That is in addition to those that have won awards.

I will give credit here to all of the banner images, from the top, Judy Sara, Girl with the beads, Paul Hughes, Primary colours, Bruce Nankivell, Blackened Bush, myself, the breakaways, Paul Hughes, Invitation to a siesta, Bruce Nankivell, Ormiston Gorge and Duart McLean Daintree river.

In addition we have had banners during the year of a number of images that featured in the annual, like Helen Whitford’s preening Tern and Suzie Smiths Misty Sunrise.

22. Paul Hughes_Primary Colours Banner

You can see an excellent article by Helen Whitord about the end of year competition on the club web page.


“Top images 2019” pays tribute to everyone’s top image in the final competition. I have compiled this article for the last few years.  I have asked the respective authors to describe their images in their own words.  Overall the article and the images represent the best the club has had to offer over the last year.  Well done everyone.

04. James Allan_Breakaways_Banner

At our breakup we had a camera Clips quiz, asking questions that highlighted articles that appeared in our newsletter this year.  I have included the quiz in this edition, with links to the articles, so that you can explore it for yourself.

05. Paul Hughes_Invitation to a Siesta banner

One of the most successful articles in Camera clips over the last few years has been a macro photography challenge.  Ashley Hoff and myself did this in one of the club quiz nights.  This year I have put up a whole new challenge with brand new images.  Go and have a look.  Can you recognize the familiar when you see it up close?  You might have no difficulties.  On the other hand you might be surprised.

26. Bruce Nankivell_Ormiston Magic Banner

Above is Bruce’s image of Ormiston Gorge.  Bruce and Isobel have had a lovely time walking the Larapinta trail.  Unfortunately much of the Western MacDonell Ranges was burnt out in a hot fire this January.  I would love to give you an article on Bruce’s walk, but I don’t have one (yet).   I do however have a collection of photos from my Central desert odyssey with Frances in the caravan from August-September this year. We also had a great time and I hope the images inspire you to travel to this part of our beautiful country.

Duart McLean _ Daintree River_Banner

Post Script:

a final article – on creating an iconic Australian Christmas image.

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“Top images 2019”


“Top images 2019”

“Top images 2019”