August 2017 Camera Clips

St Kilda Tram Banner

Judy, that’s a great tram image from the St Kilda excursion.  If you weren’t able to get there, then I recommend you experience it vicariously through the cameras of those who went.  We have put up the image gallery.  There is also a couple of articles from Judy and myself written in preparation for that excursion.

Evan and the Hammond!

Likewise Chris, top shot of Evan at the Hammond (organ) At the Semaphore Workers Club – with Lazy Eye.  This image scored well at the landscape competition.  Well, not really a landscape it was entered as an open image.   You can see the original image in the top images page of the club website.  The image is tagged with “Great night of blues!”  Chris has indicated that he will not be running for president of the club for this next term.

Kelsi Banner

I love this picture of Kelsi by Rhys Wayne that appeared in the same competition.  The original is joined by the monochrome and a negative of the image.

The interclub competition with Edwardstown has been and gone.  We came second, however we were leading at the end of the prints section.  Our digital images did not score as highly as Edwardstown.   In preparation for that competition I looked at a number of images from the 31 day challenge.  This is an activity that we run over December where members are encouraged to post a photograph a day for 31 days.  Have a look at the gallery of images that I have selected.

Have you heard of Helmut Newton?  Famous fashion photographer?  He was a German born Australian, developing his trade in Melbourne after the second war.  If you haven’t heard of Helmut have a look at the article on his life and work.

Now I am a slow learner.  Having resisted processing images in Raw I have finally accepted that it has a useful place.  Have a look at my description of starting off in Raw.  Perhaps if you have never given it a go it may be a useful guide to help get you started.

It is interesting to look at Camera clips statistics.  In the last 8 months we have had over 3000 views by non Australian readers.  Thanks to those who have provided images and articles or helped in various ways in production of the newsletter.  I hope that it has been a useful resource to you as it has been to our external visitors.   I have not seen another camera club of our size produce a comparable newsletter.  I feel that I would like a bit more help with article writing, or I feel that it is going to dwindle as I run out of energy.  I think I will leave it there.  Enjoy this months collection.



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