Urbrae House – Heather Connolly

urrbrae houseHello James,

for the list I recommend Urbrae House.  It is the large building in the Waite Arboretum.  The Arboretum is that big area of trees and on the corner of Fullerton and Cross roads.  The House is at the Northern end of the Property. Before you get to the house you have to drive through the arboretum (tree collection) and historic gardens.   The house and land was bequethed to the university of Adelaide by Peter Waite in 1922. Since then it has been the home of agricultural science at the University.  The Gardens around the historic buildings are well maintained and the arboretum has many unusual trees.

E youngiana_pear fruited mallee pyrus callery-- ChinaHere are some images, from the garden and the arboretum. There is a lot of interesting Photos to take of the building, (but I  havn’t any). Time of day is the critical thing. I did make a return visit to catch the swallows nest.

swallows nest under verandah


PS – Did you know that there are 111 jetties in S.A. How about that for an exercise! I wonder if you photograph every one.  I think Ashley started it.

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