February 2020

Gordon Linquist Under Sail Banner

Yes this is the February 2020 edition of Camera Clips.  It should have been out months ago, I just been busy.  Banners this month come from Gordon Linquist, Viki Kramer, Paul Hughes and Kerry Malec, representing the Transport and double exposure competitions.  Gordons photograph above appeared in the Transport competition.  As always check out the write up on the club web page.

Vicki Kramer_Floral tribute_Monochrome - Banner

I love this double exposure produced by Vicki.  Very imaginative use of the hibiscus with the human face.  We had a  workshop on how to do double exposure.  This edition has 2 articles of information from this workshop.  Firstly the power point presentation explaining principles and secondly a  walk through of the exercise creating a double exposure in Gimp.

Paul Hughes - Benjy on the beach Banner

Vicki has also put together an article of images that she has taken from planes.  Very imaginative Vicki.

Kerry Malec_Leisurely Walk on Crumpled Paper_Set-Banner

Lastly I have a photo essay of the 31 day challenge.  This year the challenge was run in January rather than December.  You will find a very different flavour, as we move away from Christmas and look at the summer instead.

Please forgive my Tardiness.

Happy New Year