Adelaide Botanical Gardens – The Worms eye

After raining for a lot of Saturday, the Sun came out Sunday morning.  I was waiting at the North Terrace gate at the Botanical Gardens.  I was with Frances and her mother Margaret.  Steve Wallace asked me if I had got his message.  Woops – I must have left my mobile phone at home.  This was going to be tricky.  Who was going to have difficulty finding us? David Tullock, David Atkinson, Ken and Robyn Due and  Ashley all arrived.  Jen and Mark turned up late after enjoying a  coffee .  “James is always late” they reasoned.  Ashley was a little sly with his tripod and backpack.  Unbeknown to us his back pack contained his full frame camera.  – then a surprise, my daughter Charlotte arrived.  That would set the scene for the day.  Charlotte loves Fungi.

Can you see Ashley silhouetted against the rain-forest observatory with his large frame Camera.  “How many did you take?”  “I just got one shot.  Then I decided to bracket and took 6 exposures in the end.”  That’s Jen down on the grass.  I think Frances has photos of just about everybody getting down and grubby.

Charlotte went to town finding different fungal species.  Who would have thought there was such a diversity of fungal forms?  Perhaps the jewel in the crown was this stink-horn fungus.  Check out this picture by Steve Wallace.  The brown muck is actually exuded by the fungus and attracts tiny vinegar flies.

Steve - Star Fungi

Thanks Steve.  Here are some of the others that we saw.  Bracket Fungi, coral fungus, bollettes, a different stink-wort, wood fungi, mushrooms and toadstools.

Apart from a dead rat, there were also plants.

We finished the excursion with coffee at the cafe behind the Botanical Institute overlooking the Italian garden.  I would be happy to say that everyone found something that was enjoyable and worthwhile in the excursion.  Brilliant Photography?  I don’t know, that’s up to the eye of the reader.  What do you think?


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