Adelaide City – Chris Schultz

Day 23 ChrisLocation – I don’t have a favourite spot per se, but find a lot of opportunities around the city to/from and around my work place (the RAH).  You know I like interesting angles, but I also like patterns and quirky things I find, and the city near the RAH afford those opportunities.

Day 4 Chris

Day 4 Chris

How to get there – The bus, car, tram, train – here is the Google Maps location:

What photographic opportunity this offers – So many choices! But you have Rundle Street cafes, people, the architecture of both the old parts of Rundle Street and the University, the new abstract structures of the new Uni buildings, the North Terrace strip of the Museum and Art Gallery, the Botanic Gardens (you can’t beat it for variety of plants and textures). I can continue like this for ages – you get the drift. The bonus is that at night, these take on a new aura – so there is more than one chance.

Day 11 Chris

Day 11 Chris


Why you like it – Variety of form, angles and interest. Sort of a banquet where you can pick and choose.

16084676701_aec6faed44_zA photo if you have one – See the little slide show below and images around this page (some from the 31 Days challenge) that summarise some of what I’m saying.

15795193058_91a317f668_z  15765856827_f432c2893f_z

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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