Lightning Photos

Lightning Banner 1bHi James,
Great Camera clips – and the lightning shots are really good. Nothing like being in the right place at the right time.
Would be educational if we could discuss what you need to do to take such Lightning shots – ie camera settings etc at one of our meetings.
Cheers Duart McLean
Hi Duart,
a page with tips has been added to the camera clips article.
James Allan
Hi James.
Many thanks for the link to the lightning article.
Sounds very challenging but rewarding when you get it right.
Cheers Duart
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The Port Noarlunga Expedition

Lightning Banner 1b

We now have images for the Port Noarlunga Expedition, as organised by Jen and Di.    Perhaps this excursion will be renamed, the fury of Nature, or the hand of God excursion.  There was a very dramatic change in the weather as the sun set.  Worth having a look at the different perspectives, as club members found themselves in various locations around the old Port.  Go to the article – click here.

Also Chris has given me an article about the black and White 7 day challenge on facebook.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

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Welcome to 2018

Square crop Banner

The new year Begins – and to get you enthused I have released our first edition of Camera Clips for 2018.  This edition is dominated by the 31 day challenge.  This event has become a fixture in our club calendar since it was introduced some years ago (I’ve forgotten).  Like the Stirling Exhibition it has brought new members to our club.  The images in the banner above are from one such member, Jen Williams.

Here is a question for you,  True or False?  Warm tones are those with a Kelvin setting above 8000K.   The answer is in our article “Colour theory for photographers“.  You will have to read it to find out.    Also I have an article from Chris Schultz, “Viva la Revolucion” .  Need I say any more?  Read on from where “El Presidente’s musings” leaves off.  The revolution continues.

Lastly, keep watching Camera clips as I hope to post images from the Noarlunga Excursion when they become available.

Happy reading – James Allan (Editor)

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Final 2017 Camera Clips

Boat House Banner

Yes it’s finally out.  Click here to go straight to December 2017 Camera Clips.  Much delayed as I have been busy and I’ve been on holidays.   More importantly,  we have a wrap up of the annual exhibition including the best images from most of the participants, including the banner above from Howard Seaman’s “The boathouse”.   It is well worth having a read.  I am always intrigued to hear the stories behind the photos.  There were some excellent images in this years exhibition. Remember that more are trickling in every day, so revisit the site in a weeks time for a more complete wrap up.

We also have a photoessay from Bruce Nankivell and a couple of quizzes.  The 2017 quiz and the shutter speed challenge.  Hope you enjoy this edition.  Don’t forget to go to the club Flickr page to see the fun of the 31 day challenge.

(NB Yes we had a lovely time in the Victorian high Country.  I have been posting some images on my Flickr page.)

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October 2017 Camera Clips


Hi BPC members,

Well it’s out.  This is the first Camera Clips following the AGM.  It contains the Wildlife update and the Goolwa excursion (as announced in previous posts).  It also has a List of the best camera clips articles for 2017, a book review of “World atlas of Street Photography” and an article on Gjon Mili and the Italian Futurist movement.  I hope you enjoy this edition.



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BPC October long Weekend Camp out at Goolwa

Greater Egret Banner 1a

The October long weekend seems ages ago now.  I personally had a great time photographing with Frances, Steve, Di, Gordon, Helen, Judy and Bruce.  We had the advantage of a fantastic natural environment.  I love watching others take pictures.  It’s a great learning environment for me and very inspiring.  You know you don’t need to read the Guardian to get excited about Nature photography.  Have a look at the article and pictures from our excursion to Goolwa and decide for yourself.


Dredge Banner

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Wildlife Update

Eastern BannerThis mid cycle edition is designed to deal with aspects of the upcoming Wildlife competition.

Last Sunday I attended the wildlife excursion to Belair National park.  Most of the group were out orchid hunting, but Bruce and I had a lot of fun chasing birds.  Have a look at the gallery to see the results.

Several discussions arose over coffee.  The rules of wildlife competitions were discussed.  What is the correct ethic?  No Photoshop? No evidence of the hand of man?  Almost but not quite.  Have a read for yourself.  I have a copy of the International Federation of Photographic Art, nature and wildlife rules that have recently been adopted by the Australian Photographic Society.  Mark Pedlar asked participants to refer to these rules when entering this competition.

We also discussed camera setting needed to manage a telephoto lens to take hand held bird photos .  It is called “Driving a big Lens.”  I struggled with this dilema and eventually wrote an article back in 2013.  So rather than rewrite the article I have republished this August 2013  newsletter on the webpage for anyone who might also be struggling through this problem.

I hope these articles will prove helpful.

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