April 2018 Camera Clips


I have just finished the April edition of Camera Clips.  Thanks to Graham Field. we have pictures from the Port Willunga natural light portraiture excursion.  I am always impressed by the images from our excursions.  Many of them appeared in the competition.  Mark Pedlar has given us an insight into his vision for the club.  I have an explanation of Luminosity masks, as mentioned by Dylan Toh.  His images have wonderful lighting and beautiful finishes.  Learn how to use one of the tools in his repertoire.  We have at least 3 articles on Street PhotographyOne from the archives – way back in May 2013.  We also have an article on the portraiture of the Royal family.

You really can’t afford to miss out.  I suggest you go online and peruse the articles.  You can find the link by clicking here.  As always, thanks to the contributing authors.  I hope to see more material in my inbox for the next edition.  I would be grateful if you could write me something about what excites you about photography.

Regards James

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March 2018 Camera clips is out.


1941-01-05-n935-bondigym George Caddy was an amateur photographer living near Bondi in the 1930’s who photographed members of his beach athletics club.  He achieved some success in his local camera club.  His negatives were donated to the State Library of NSW but were relegated to the storeroom until they were rediscovered in 2007 .  Read the rest of the story in this edition of Camera clips (March).

I also have articles from Ray Goulter on composition and Les Ludgate on Portrait photography, an investigation of zoom burst photography and a short piece from our club president Mark Pedlar.

This edition is certainly packed.  I  have included a few articles from the archieves – including tips on judging and photo criticism.  Be sure to have a read.

I trust that you will enjoy our latest edition, James.

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Natural Light Portraiture excursion

Portrait banner

Ron, Graham and Les have announced that the excursion for the 25th of February 2018 will be natural light portraiture and will be held at Port Willunga. (Not Witunga)

Meet at the Port Willunga beach car park (nearest to the ‘sticks’) at 5pm.  Graham tells us that we will act as our own models for this excursion, or you can bring along a friend or family member.  You can contact “the boys” to let them know you are coming.  The contact numbers are on Marks previous e-mail.

Now I had previously asked Les for an article on portraiture.  You will notice that Les has become the ‘go to person’ when we run a portraiture workshop.

“Les” I asked, ” can you distill some of your wisdom for Camera clips”.

Les has done just that, and although not strictly on natural light portraiture, it covers a lot of basic tips that apply to both the studio and in the field.  Les has nominated this article as pre-reading for the natural light excursion.  So have a read, grab your camera and hope to see you at Willunga.

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Lightning Photos

Lightning Banner 1bHi James,
Great Camera clips – and the lightning shots are really good. Nothing like being in the right place at the right time.
Would be educational if we could discuss what you need to do to take such Lightning shots – ie camera settings etc at one of our meetings.
Cheers Duart McLean
Hi Duart,
a page with tips has been added to the camera clips article.
James Allan
Hi James.
Many thanks for the link to the lightning article.
Sounds very challenging but rewarding when you get it right.
Cheers Duart
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The Port Noarlunga Expedition

Lightning Banner 1b

We now have images for the Port Noarlunga Expedition, as organised by Jen and Di.    Perhaps this excursion will be renamed, the fury of Nature, or the hand of God excursion.  There was a very dramatic change in the weather as the sun set.  Worth having a look at the different perspectives, as club members found themselves in various locations around the old Port.  Go to the article – click here.

Also Chris has given me an article about the black and White 7 day challenge on facebook.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

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Welcome to 2018

Square crop Banner

The new year Begins – and to get you enthused I have released our first edition of Camera Clips for 2018.  This edition is dominated by the 31 day challenge.  This event has become a fixture in our club calendar since it was introduced some years ago (I’ve forgotten).  Like the Stirling Exhibition it has brought new members to our club.  The images in the banner above are from one such member, Jen Williams.

Here is a question for you,  True or False?  Warm tones are those with a Kelvin setting above 8000K.   The answer is in our article “Colour theory for photographers“.  You will have to read it to find out.    Also I have an article from Chris Schultz, “Viva la Revolucion” .  Need I say any more?  Read on from where “El Presidente’s musings” leaves off.  The revolution continues.

Lastly, keep watching Camera clips as I hope to post images from the Noarlunga Excursion when they become available.

Happy reading – James Allan (Editor)

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Final 2017 Camera Clips

Boat House Banner

Yes it’s finally out.  Click here to go straight to December 2017 Camera Clips.  Much delayed as I have been busy and I’ve been on holidays.   More importantly,  we have a wrap up of the annual exhibition including the best images from most of the participants, including the banner above from Howard Seaman’s “The boathouse”.   It is well worth having a read.  I am always intrigued to hear the stories behind the photos.  There were some excellent images in this years exhibition. Remember that more are trickling in every day, so revisit the site in a weeks time for a more complete wrap up.

We also have a photoessay from Bruce Nankivell and a couple of quizzes.  The 2017 quiz and the shutter speed challenge.  Hope you enjoy this edition.  Don’t forget to go to the club Flickr page to see the fun of the 31 day challenge.

(NB Yes we had a lovely time in the Victorian high Country.  I have been posting some images on my Flickr page.)

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