December 2014 Edition

December BannerWelcome to the December Edition of Camera clips.  The Banner this month comes from “left to the Weather” an excellent image by Jo Tabe.  This image was entered in the Colour Prints section of the Annual exhibition and was awarded 3rd place.  Well done Jo.

longing-eyes-dsc_87031You can see more of the images from the annual exhibition on the club website.  I enjoy seeing the winning entries, however I am aware that all of the entries are worthy of merit.  Ashley Hoff our president alluded to this fact.  He stated that

“the Annual exhibition  is more than a competition, it is a showcase for the club of it’s best work.”

These images represent the best entries for the whole year from the respective contributors.  With this in mind I have chosen the best entry from each contributor in an article, Top Images 2014.  I wrote to each photographer (12 in all) and asked them to explain how they took their image and what they have done to it.  I was thrilled to have received a response from all but two of the contributors to date.  The other 2 have promised replies and I will post them as they come to hand.  The responses are fascinating and tell a little of the diverse experiences that come together in our camera club.  Read the articles and judge for yourself.

This year we finish our year with a quiz night.  Julie and Ray will be quiz masters this time around.  Inspired by their efforts I have written 15 questions that pertain to articles from Camera clips in the last 12 months.  Have a look at the quiz.  How did you go?  Did you glean all of that information during the year?  I have given links to the respective articles so that you can brush up your knowledge if you got stuck.

Kite_aerial_photo 1At a recent meeting we were discussing drones and aerial photography.  I have been doing some research of my own into another kind of aerial photography, kite photography.  It looks like a lot of hard work, but then it also looks like a heap of fun.  The images are truly unique and I would love to have a bash at it.  Is anyone else interested?

FungiFinally I have written a short piece on using a macro filter.  Although they are not as powerful or have the quality of a proper macro lens, they are certainly more portable and well worth adding to your kit when you are out bush walking.

I hope you enjoy the final edition of Camera Clips for this year.  Hope to see your December images in the 31-day challenge.  (If you need inspiration – check out the Gallery from last years 31-Day challenge)  Hope to see you at the quiz night.  If I don’t catch up – I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




3 Responses to December 2014 Edition

  1. David Douglass-Martin says:

    Excellent edition James. Particularly liked the Top Images 2014 article, explanations by authors really instructive & inspiring, congratulations to all who shared their thoughts & images. David D-M

    Liked by 1 person

  2. creationsbycrafteecc says:

    Beautiful images 🙂


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