A City Bay Fun Run Excursion – Bruce Nankivell

Hi James,

I have put a few words below for the article you requested.  Separately I have sent some images.  Let me know if I can do anything else.  Cheers!


A City Bay Fun Run Excursion


In Victoria Square we awaited the first wave of runners and later walkers and all the while willing the clouds to do the right thing and move aside. Before we knew it the leading bunch was upon us as they launched themselves at lightning speed to the finish line. With just four of us, David, Ron, Graham and myself.  It was a small representation but an enthusiastic one and we tried all angles.  One even resorted to lying on his stomach to capture the moment. That only lasted until there were people running either side of him and somewhat wisely he moved out of harms way.


Happily we were greeted with many a wave and smile as the largest portion of the 35,000 participants left the city on their 12km journey.

dsc_1347James Allan was one of those walking all the way and even managed to capture some images from the starting line for us.

We did our own form of running as our fingers ran all over our cameras trying to capture some of the action. Having exhausted this task the only thing to do was to head to the Pancake Kitchen for a bite and much earned coffee.

Hope you enjoy some of the images we captured.

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