Port Adelaide Excursion

Picture20Last weekend we had an excursion to Port Adelaide.  This was the second of two expeditions, the first being a joint outing with the Tea tree Gully Camera club in April.  Heather Conolly summarised the first excursion:

“We found it a pretty quiet place.  Initially we were entertained by Morris dancers. Richard and I both agreed that we did not really want their photos, so we moved on. There was nothing especially of interest on the water-front, apart from the ONE AND ALL and the YELTA. There were quite a few TTG people, and from our club, Richard, Ashley, Chris, Reg and myself.  Reg took the photo of the Yelta with the sun ring. It was quite misty cloud.

Reg - Ring around the sun
Detail of old buildings had us all clicking, as well as the knitted trees and posts in Lipson street.  I do hope that Ashley and Richard got good shots of the lovely sky, that Reg and I missed because we were driving home.”

On the second expedition, we started with a group photo, standing in a circle (above).   I processed the image as a “little planet” You can see we numbered 13 plus 2 (My daughter Charlotte and Kerry’s husband).  Ashley was shooting with his medium format camera, Les had a huge telephoto, while Jo had her tripod in action as the sun set around 5.20pm.  We wandered off in small groups.  I started off with Eric who is always full of good ideas, like getting down low to photograph the old tugboat, the Yelta.  This is one of the best things about excursions, sharing ideas.  I have no idea where Gloria discovered a blackboard covered in philosophy.  Great shot.  I love the diversity of subjects.  Overall it was a good event and well attended.