August 2013 Camera Clips

August Banner 2a

Welcome to the August edition of Camera clips.  As you can see from the banner— this month we are celebrating Steam Trains.  If you really want to be inspired—check out the monochrome photography of Colin Telfer Gifford. (image on right)  He was a 1960’s British steam train photographer, who has been commemorated in 1994 when the Royal Mint printed a collection of stamps with his images.  He portrayed the dirty grimy realism of steam culture.  I think we may have some budding Telfer Giffords in our midst.  There are some excellent colour images in a photo gallery on page 1 from the club excursion to Mount Barker. (refer to the web page for a description of this excursion).   And we also have pictures from a prior excursion to Mannum (page 7)



Speaking of photographers from the 1960’s, I was fortunate enough to see a documentary on the Rock and Roll photographer Bob Gruen.  There is a gallery of his images on page 6.

The remaining three articles this month were submitted by Chris Schultz, John Duckmanton and myself.  These are “how to” articles.  Chris sent an e-mail to me earlier this month outlining his light room settings to export images at the correct size for competition.  I was asked twice to send a copy of this e-mail to various members.  I was thinking “Well it’s probably useful information for everyone.”  So I decided to put it into the newsletter.  (apologies to Chris who’s permission I have not sought yet)  John Duckmanton has some great ideas on how to use cross polarization to create interesting effects.  He uses a polarizing filter on the camera and a computer screen.  I tried it and it works.  It’s definitely worth having a try.  Lastly I have an article on how to get the most out of your telephoto lens.  It is an issue that I have been struggling with.  At the last meeting Heather Connolly asked a question very much along these lines.  So I decided to jot my thoughts down on how to drive a big lens.  (I admit that I have had some help from Jo Tabe and Les Peters in this area).

!cid_C6CD15B1-8517-4B12-A5FB-1E3608078A62Heather Connolly has also informed me that the early orchids, spiders and helmet orchids  have started appearing in Belair National Park.

I would like to draw your attention to the latest SAPF newsletter.  In fact my attention was drawn to it by a member from one of the other photo clubs.  Although it is not as good as our own newsletter (I am quite modest), it has an article by Ashley Hoff.  Ashley explains some of the thinking of our club that has lead to the peer review / critique nights.  I will say that the ideas are fairly avante guard and adventurous and many from the other clubs are watching to see how our experiment will turn out.

We will be going to the Polls in September to elect a new president.  I am talking about the camera club, not the nation.  In the last 6 years I have seen the membership grow in the club.  It is now quite a successful club.  Personally I can say that joining the committee is a great opportunity to contribute and to learn about photography and I would encourage you all to consider nominating for a position.  (Although there are not enough positions for you to all join).  Read on—enjoy.