Mannum Falls – BPC Excursion

THE OTHER MANNUM – Bruce Nankivell

BPC Excursion

Journeying further into the photographic maze is one of life’s enjoyable adventures.

Today that maze was extended at the Mannum Waterfall, or for me ‘the other Mannum’, that before today I didn’t know existed. It was a captivating place and just a short distance from Mannum and the River Murray. A rich valley of wind swept grasses, lush green vegetation, granite boulders of all shapes and sizes, rich bird life, ever beautiful gum trees, pools of water and yes, waterfalls.

We were a group of shutter happy enthusiasts stretching out along the winding and loosely defined track towards the waterfalls. We could be seen in a wide array of shall we say, interesting poses, all in the name of capturing some revolutionary new take on this splendid Aussie countryside. There were boulders to scamper all over in our quest, waterways to traverse, sometimes slightly precarious slopes to negotiate, small gaps to squeeze through, oh yes, it had it all and we loved it.

It was a time of learning to see things in a different way, with another eye, learning something new about camera settings we could use in given circumstances or clever little tips on how to make the available light do interesting things. We were learning because we were willing ourselves to try new things but also because our trusty guide, James Allan, was such an eager teacher. He didn’t get a chance to really concentrate on his own photography; he was too busy ensuring we were all achieving our goals.

The difference a polarizer makes

The difference a polarizer makes

A great day enjoyed by all of us and our huge thanks goes to James Allan….cheers mate!

Adrian Hill – Images

Jen Williams – Images

James Allan – Images

Judy Sara – Images

Frances Allan – Images

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