March 2018

Welcome to Camera Clips for March 2018.  Below I have created Banners from entries to our first digital competition entitled Landscape/Seascape.  The pictures are from Anthony Kernich, Sydney Harbour from Killbilli point, Mark Peddlar, Nawurlandja landscape (Which is in Kakadu near Anbangbang rock shelter) and Howard Seaman, Vertically challenged.


Narluwandja Banner

Vertically Challenged Banner

It was a good start to the year with many excellent images.  See more on the club webpage.

In fact we are not far from our second competition, entitled Natural light Portraiture.  Les, Ron and Graham have conducted a club excursion to try and explore this theme at Port Willunga.  I hope to have some photos from this excursion when they become available.  In the mean time, Les Ludgate has prepared an excellent article on portraiture.   Have a read of Les’s tips.

Anthony was not the only visitor to Sydney.  I also flew to Sydney to join Frances to view the French tapestry, ‘the Lady and the Unicorn’ on display in the Sydney Art Gallery.  At the state library  I discovered they had a collection of beach photographs by George Caddy.  I had not encountered George’s photography before, and found it quite intriguing.   It is an interesting story, and I have summarized  the main points in an article entitled, Sydney Modernism.

A workshop held in February on understanding the camera basics was preceded by a brief presentation by Ray Goulter on composition.  I have been fortunate to be able to publish Rays talk along with his original drawings and photographs.  Worth reading just to see the artwork.  Ray also has some very useful insights to share.

As part of a project to bring old editions of camera clips to the webpage I can announce that I have recently posted the March 2013 edition.  This publication was produced the month I switched from a compact camera to a dSLR.   There are articles on buying Lenses (Jo Tabe) and dSLR settings for Nikon (Les Ludgate) and not shooting for the Judges (Chris Schultz).

Frances and I along with Judy Sara have been undertaking a weekly challenge with dogwood.  Last week the challenge was to take a zoom burst photograph.  You know the sort of photograph where you change the focal length of the lens during a long exposure.  Not really my cup of tea or so I thought.  I don’t think my image was brilliant.  Frances on the other hand did quite well.  I did however learn some lessons during this activity.  I have collected my thoughts and jotted down the ideas.

Over the years I get different bits and pieces  to include in camera clips from various members.  As I was looking through my files, I found an article of tips for judges and another on photographic criticism.  These two were typed out on foolscap sheets and no doubt handed out at some judge training session in the past.  I must point out that these do not represent the current instructions to judges. Have a read and see if you can learn anything about how the judging works.

Lastly a word from our current President, Mark Peddlar.

Read on and enjoy this months collection.  Remember that I start collecting articles for the next edition immediately after I get this edition out. So start writing your ideas now.