Circles in Norwood – Bruce Nankivell

Osmond TerraceCIRCLES – COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE.  A balmy Sunday evening brought eight club members to Norwood in search of circles. We looked high, we looked low, we looked left and right and surprise, surprise circles we did find. Like most things in photography the more you look, the more you see and it’s amazing where you’ll find circles.

We started with the sculpture of circles on the intersection of Osmond Terrace and Kensington Road. The sculpture is called Spectrum and was created by SA artist, Craige Andrae. It features seven stainless-steel rings, each illuminated with inset text. The largest ring is five metres high and each ring cleverly contains a story providing a small peek into times gone by.

At the same intersection but across the road on the wide median strip rests a German WW1 field gun. It was captured by Australian troops, apparently the Australian Light Horse and brought home as a trophy. For we enthusiastic photographers this also provided circles (wheels, barrel etc) to incorporate into our mix and it did have its barrel pointed right at the Spectrum. If ever fired however there’s a fair chance the projectile would go straight through the Spectrum without touching it.


German Field Gun

From here we ventured through some of Norwood’s hidden backstreets full of old and character filled housing and mixed with some more recent architectural gems. Yes, we found circles all through this journey but as you would expect we found plenty more than that to photograph.

Once again the excursion provided the opportunity to capture images for the next club competition entitled………’Circles’ of course and beyond that photographs for the ‘Urban Landscape’ competition.


As you would probably guess an excursion is most definitely not complete without the obligatory cappuccino or similar. A great chance to reflect on our adventure together, share photography knowledge and experience, get to know each other a just a little more and enjoy plenty of light hearted laughs.

Our next excursion is at 5.30pm, Saturday March 19 at the Tonsley Complex (the old Mitsubishi site) with Graham Field as our organiser. More information will come to you soon, but for now make sure you mark it in your diary.

Editors Note: Don’t forget the old buildings in Tolmer place, just one street back from the parade.  Soon they may be gone forever as the properties are currently being developed.

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