January 2019

2019 january banner anthony kernick

Here we are in 2019.  We have not had any competitions, yet we have had a wealth of images presented to us.  In December we had the 31 day challenge.  In fact the banner above is taken from an image by Anthony Kernick in the 31 day challenge.  In this edition of Camera clips we have a short article to review some of the strongest images.  Of course, go and visit the club Flickr page for a complete set of all of the submissions.

Our first meeting was an opportunity for people to show case their work over the summer break.  There was some fine work from a range of members, new and old.  I was interested to see the contrast between myself and Helen Whitford who shared a holiday in Stansbury.  I do not have any images from this meeting in Camera clips at this stage.

2019 january banner architecture

Last week Ray Goulter led a small group excursion to photograph the new architecture in the north east corner of Adelaide.   The architects of the new buildings are by no means constrained by convention.  They are quite expressive in their form and decoration of the buildings.  Have a look in our gallery and see if you recognize our city.  I hope that we will see some images in the architecture competition to be held in February.

view camera

Ray Goulter brought his view camera to the excurion.  This camera allows the film plate to be set at a different angle to the  lens plate.  This in turn will allow you to straighten the verticals of buildings, a convention in architectural photography.  In the archives Ray has written about this camera.  This week I have written about perspective in photography with reference to the photoshop technique of straightening verticals in buildings.  Mind you, there is no obligation to adhere to convention.  Many of the best photographs dispense with convention in order to allow freedom of expression.

Lastly I have an article about another famous photographer, Steve McCurry and the dilema of what is acceptable in post production editing.  Steve’s solution – My current work is “photo art” and not “photo journalism”.  Is this a cop out, or is it OK to make images that are aesthetically pleasing?  Steve’s work still attests to the colourful lives of the people he meets in his travels.  I suspect there may be a deeper truth that can be found in art than in journalism.  Read the article and judge for yourself.

Well I hope you enjoy the collection of articles we have assembled for this month.  Happy New Year

James Allan