Adelaide Zoo Excursion 2016

Zoo exhibitionYou know this is the first BPC excursion to the Adelaide Zoo that I can recall.  In the past there were concerns that it might be too expensive for many members.  That did not prove to be the case.  As it turned out we had over 20 turn up for the excursion.  It was probably the most popular trip this year.  I think Helen Whitford may have been part of the attraction.  Her Zoo photography has inspired many of us over the years.

We met at 9.30 in front of the Hippo enclosure.  Helen and Alberto lead two groups that split and explored different routes through the zoo.  We regrouped at 11, but people weren’t finished, and so most stayed on until the Macaw flyby at 12.30.  See how many there are, check out the photograph. (not all are in the picture).  There were so many I had to do a panorama.  And below is David Browns picture.  I think he has out done me.   David was bold and brought his wide angle lens to the zoo.

David's Shot

I spent a while talking with David and he set me on an unusual trajectory.  Often I take animal shots to give the impression that I am not in a zoo but in the middle of a wilderness.  David encouraged me to do it differently.  “Can you take it  so that it was obvious it is in the zoo?”  Is it still artistic?  I don’t know?  I have put a few together – hopefully David will add a few, see what you think.

Lastly the big round up – The picture gallery that has been sent to me by participants.  All rather good in my opinion.  Different angles / approaches/ animals appeal to different photographers.  I always learn a lot from seeing other peoples work from the same excursion.  I am keen to get more to add to this collection as people process their images.

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