Natural Light Portraits Workshop at Willunga Poles Sunday 4th March 2018 – Graham Field

Ron Hassan - what could have been - bannert

Twelve members of the Club travelled to the Willunga Poles on Sunday 4th March where they

participated in a natural light portrait workshop conducted by Les Ludgate.

The poles area was popular with other photographic groups on that day and so the number of subjects available presented a wide variety of poses in addition to members of our group who agreed to be models.


Photographer: Bruce Nankivell


As well as Di, Stefanie, Tariq, and Les we were able to photograph a bride and groom wedding shoot, another photographer and his model, and a group of people being photographed in the waves.

Some of us stayed on to get the poles and shoreline by moonlight.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about natural light photography technique, and gave some of us the opportunity to put our work before the judge during this month’s natural light portrait  competition.

Thank you Les for taking the time to prepare  handouts prior to the workshop and for your help and guidance during the shoot.