Producing Spot Colour using Lightroom – Judy Sara

  1. Import the photo into lightroom
  2. Choose the Develop Module.
  3. The image has key stoning so correct using the Draw 2 vertical lines along the walls that need to be made parallel then 2 horizontal lines for the sections that should be parallel.LR 1
  4. When the keystone effect has been fixed, choose where you want the crop to go. Click Done (bottom right ) LR 2
  5. We are going to make the image black and white except for the view beyond the doors which will stay coloured.
    1. Choose the radial filter (O) on the right-hand side, under the histogram.
    2. Draw an ellipse over the door
    3. Make sure you have the Show Selected Mask overlay (bottom left under the image) clicked so you can see the part of the image that will be affected. It will usually be shown as red (unless you have selected a different mask colour).
    4. In the Navigator panel (left hand side) choose Fill and move the image so that the door is clearly in view.
    5. Adjust the Feather so that there is a smooth (not sharp) transition into the doorway.
    6. Move the Saturation slider to 0.LR 3
    7. Unclick Show Selected Mask Overlay and you will see all the section that was red is now black and white as it has been unsaturated. The section that did not have the mask has stayed in colour. Click Done
    8. You may like to add another radial filter and this time Invert the filter so that you can make changes to further enhance the view through the door.LR 4
    9. The final Image with some extra adjustments for the Black and White section.

LR 5

Judy Sara