October 2014 Edition

Oct 14 Banner-2sss

Welcome to another edition of Camera Clips.  This month we have a banner by our president Ashley Hoff from the open section of the “Landscape” competition.  I must admit I chuckled at the reference to Monty Python in the title, “Not the Messiah…” which if you have seen the film “the Life of Brian”, you will know ends with “…he’s just a very naughty boy”.  Ashley is not in fact a naughty boy, far from it.

You may not know what goes on behind the scenes at the committee level, but Ashley, Chris and Julie have been working very hard to avert a number of crises.  We have had an unexpected hike in our hall hire costs.  Secondly we have had to revise and rewrite sections of our constitution in order to comply with changes to the act.  We will be asked later to ratify these changes at a special meeting of the club.  I will not elaborate except to say that the executive has risen to the challenge and put in a lot of extra hours to deal with these problems.  Credit should be given to where it’s due.

Also Eric has collated a number of images for the Noarlunga expo.  Make sure that you make some time to go and see our club’s entry  The exhibition is held on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of October 2014 at the Arts Centre at Gawler St, Port Noarlunga.  Thanks to Eric for preparing our club’s entry for the nth year in  a row.

Asp - Tin Type image 6Ashley had asked me a few months back to be tough on him and keep reminding him to prepare an article for Camera clips.  He has been true to his word and prepared an article on tin type photographers.  In true form Ashley has taken us in a new direction.  The image to the right is an example of one of these photographs.  It is a mixture of modern themes and old techniques and is quite evocative.  Read more about it in Ashley’s article.

Film develop 1Likewise Ray has prepared an article on black and white film developing.  You may remember Roger Lancaster, a life member of our club.  He was known quite widely for his stunning Monochrome work.  Roger prepared many monochrome images at a very high level with the very techniques that Ray is describing.  Is it a lost art, or one that is worth re-discovering?  Make up your own mind.  Read Ray’s article.



Pastel HuesI have included a style sheet on Minimalism.  One of my favourite Flickr pages is the Minimalist Landscape group.   I feel quite inspired by the clever simplicity of these images.  They remind me of some of Richard’s themes.  I have submitted an image or two, but not had an acceptance to date.  Perhaps you could try your hand and send me some of your minimalist images.  The address for the Minimalist Landscape Flickr page is; grouphttps://www.flickr.com/groups/a_taste_for_desert_landscapes/

photography-by-hedda-morrison1Lastly Ashley gave me some tickets to see a public lecture on Hedda Hammer Morrison in July.  I met my wife Frances and we enjoyed the public lecture held in the Festival Theatre Banquet Room.  I have produced a photo essay to showcase some of her images.

I hope you enjoy this edition of our club newsletter.




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