October 2019

heligan-apples banner

The banner above and below are based on two of my favourite entries to the spot colour competition.  Mark Pedlar, Helgian Apple and Suzie Smith, Confidence.  You can see the original images and summary of the competition on the club web page.  Both images have used the technique to good effect in their respective images.  (Refer back to last edition of camera clips where we explain the process for making spot colour images in several different photo editing software platforms.)

Spot of colour - BPC

We had a very successful Travelogue night in the last month.  I guess there are a lot of “armchair travellers” in the club who enjoy the vicarious experience of living someone else’s journey.  In this case the travelers are all photographers exercising some degree of skill and craft in their work.  This edition of Camera clips I have spoken to three of the contributors and have a sample of images from their presentations.  Di Gage has given me pictures from her time in Scotland.  Likewise I have contributions from  Duart McLean who has traveled to Iceland and Helen Whitford who has been to Borneo.  The feedback from these sessions was very positive.

Bird photography is a common theme in our open competition.  Just look at the image below and tell me if you think it could be improved.


Does it need to be sharper, are we seeing enough feather detail?  What about the catch light in the eye?  It is not my image.  This is a bird photographer of some renown, David Tipling.  I have included a book review of a photo journal by David Tipling.  David is a leader in his field.  I am interested that David presents a wide range of  artistic and expressive takes on birds, like the image above.  The book is dynamic and moving in it’s depictions, not like the static images we have come to expect.  It leaves me wondering whether we need to broaden the scope of images that we present in our competition entries.  Have a look and tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoy this months edition.  I am grateful to the respective authors.  Please find time to send me some material for our next and last edition of Camera clips for 2019.  Cheers