A list of Adelaide Photography Spots

Adelaide OvalIt took me a while to generate this list.  I went through my portfolio of photographs in the last 10 years.  I looked at postcards.  I looked through on-line archives of Adelaide photographs.  I was intrigued to see what our city has to offer.  This is my list.  I have divided it into two halves.  Those photographs that are well known and acknowledged, and the second list of lesser known Adelaide sites.  The second list I called Adelaide’s best kept secrets.  This is the list that I want to explore.  I asked other members of the club to add to this list and you will see their suggestions on subsequent pages.  These are not the photographs that you generally associate with our city.  You need a second look to see where they come from.  Perhaps not the ‘postcard’ shots – but certainly worth taking time out to explore.

(Note: Many of these locations feature in the back archive of Camera Clips – the old pdf versions) so have a look there as well.)

Adelaide – Top photographed spots

Adelaide – Best kept secrets

  • Garden Island – Mangroves / Ship wrecks (also Mutton Bay)
  • South Terrace Cemetery
  • Salt Fields
  • St Kilda – Mangroves – Tram Museum
  • Laratinga – Waterbirds
  • Hindmarsh – Town Hall / Industrial / Cemetery
  • Railway Tunnel and old viaduct – Watiparinga
  • Freeway – from Crafers bike path – at dusk
  • Surf Boat Carnival – Noarlunga
  • Polo – Mt Barker
  • Semaphore Kite festival
  • Mortlock Library
  • Myponga Resevoir
  • Cliffs between Petrel Cove and Newland Head / Waitpinga beach
  • Bay to Birdwood / Rock and Roll Rendezvous
  • Snorkling Noarlunga Reef
  • Model Sailing Boats Worabinda Lake Stirling
  • Market Gardens / Orchards Piccadilly Valley
  • Mannum
  • Z ward Glenside
  • Onkaparinga Gorge
  • Mt Bold Resevoir
  • Deep Creek – Raywood Nursery

The Secret Spots (Short articles on Adelaide locations)

  1. Adelaide City Centre – Chris Schultz
  2. Urbex – James Allan
  3. Mortlock Library – James Allan
  4. Jupiter Creek – Jenifer Williams
  5. Adelaide Shipwrecks – James Allan
  6. Urbrae House – Heather Connolly
  7. Polo at Mt Barker – with Richard Wormald
  8. Goolwa Barrages – bird watching
  9. Goolwa – various locations
  10. Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens – In Autumn
  11. Mannum
  12. Mannum Falls
  13. Port Adelaide – Dawn
  14. Norwood Parade
  15. Botanical Gardens – In Winter
  16. Rundle Mall
  17. Adelaide Zoo 
  18. Para Wirra
  19. Lake Bonney
  20. Garden Island – Mangroves / Ship wrecks (also Mutton Bay)
  21. Zed Ward
  22. Port Willunga Jetty
  23. St Kilda
  24. Port Noarlunga

Calendar – Events at Adelaide Locations

  1. April – North Terrace – Anzac Day
  2. April – Rock and Roll Rendezvous – Birdwood
  3. May – Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens – In Autumn
  4. September – Victoria Square – City Bay Fun Run

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