June 2018 Camera Clips

Tao Dancers Banner

Welcome to June Camera Clips.   I have been experimenting with a different look this month.  I am using the banners as navigational tools rather than the hyperlinks in the text.  Accordingly every article get’s it’s own banner.  I don’t know if I will persist with this theme.  I am working on the theory that people are drawn by the visual elements rather than the text.  Anyway this page contains the explanations that the opening page did not.

Most of the banners are sourced from the club competition on the theme street photograpy.  There is an excellent write up on the club webpage by Chris Schultz/  I will post just one image of Chris’s that I quite enjoyed entitled,  Diners

Diner conversation 1

So the banners from the competition images are from

Helen Whitford – Glenelg Foreshore

b17. Helen Whitford_Glenelg Foreshore_Banner

This banner leads to this page.

Jenny Pedlar – Workers at Sydney Harbour

jenny pedlar_workman sydney harbour_Banner

This banner leads to an article on mapping of photo geotags.  Google has a heat map of geotagged photos so that you can locate the most photographed locations on the planet.  Spoiler alert – it’s New York.

James Allan – Tao Dancers

Tao Dancers Banner

This banner has no article (at this stage)  This image was taken at WomAdelaide music festival in March this year.  Faced with continual movement in low light I chose to use a slow shutter speed and to blur the motion.  Frances on the other hand chose a high ISO and a faster shutter speed and was effective in freezing the motion.

and Ray Goulter – Common Garden Katydid

c7. Ray Goulter_Common Garden Katydid 2_Banner

This banner leads to an article prepared by Judy Sara to give participants in the excursion and also contributors to next weeks competition tips on macro photography.  Ray’s image provides a perfect segway to Judy’s article.

That’s the end of the competition banners.  The rest of the banners were created from the material presented in the respective articles.

Old Tailem Town Banner-1a

This banner leads to another article by Judy Sara on the excursion to Old Tailem Town.  There are a myriad of dusty old buildings from all over the Mallee.  See how the excursion panned out.

Evolution Banner

This banner leads to an article by Frances Allan on product photography.  Last Thursday we set up the kitchen table as a mini table top studio and photographed Gin bottles.  Frances got the winning image.  Have a look at her description of the process.

Cutplate Tank Panorama

This article by Ray Goulter takes us deeper into the process of home developing your own black and white film. The equipment pictured is the The Johnson “Cutplate” Developing Tank.

Sam solarised and the negatives

This article is about solarisation.  The process that started as an unwanted effect from over exposure or light leakage during film processing, became fertile ground for experimentation by photographers like Man Ray.  I think of it as the photography equivalent of Jimi Hendrix using feedback to create music.  Solarisation often creates interesting images with high tonal contrast and Mackie lines that separate the high and low tones in the image.

I hope that you have enjoyed this months edition.

regards James