June 2017

Bron Williams_Lone Survivor Banner

Welcome to the fourth Camera clips for 2017.  The Banner this month comes from the landscape competition.  The image is “Lone survivor” by Bron Williams.  I think this is a top image Bron.  The highest scoring images as usual can be viewed from the club web page.   Close contenders for this months banner are Chris Schultz, “Dusty Sunset” and Howard Seamans “Ghostly Forest”

Sunset pasture

Howard-Seaman_Ghostly-Forest Banner

The topics from Camera clips usually arise from activities or discussions that take place within the club.  If there is a theme that you would like discussed, get in touch with me and I will see if we can ask an appropriate club member to put something together.  Of course you can also learn from our president Chris Schultz who writes a regular column, “el prediente’s musings”.  This fortnight Chris has included his slide presentation on Trente Clarke, the only Australian Magnum photographer.


What is a landscape?  Sometimes you discover the answer by asking “what isn’t a landscape?”  I have a short exploration of what makes a landscape in painting and in photography.

Helen Whitford has written an informative summary of the new approach the club has to the “critique sessions”.  “Peer Review/Critique Nights are Evolving!”  It is worth reading her thoughts on the club web page.

We had a light painting workshop.  If you haven’t done so already, have a look at the images and read the instructions in last edition of Camera Clips.  During the workshop Judy Sara mentioned a workshop by Denis Smith.  Last week Frances and I attended his dawn workshop in Elder park, along with Judy and her husband.  I have collected my thoughts and some of the images in a review.

Eric Budworth’s inventive mind however was sent in another direction by this workshop.  “How do you keep your finger on the shutter long enough in bulb setting to allow you to do effective light painting?”  Eric has devised a shutter clamp for the Nikon D7000.  I have included his explanation of his invention.  Good work Eric.

NIK filters.  What are they and what can they do?  I have been assured by Chris Schultz, Ashley Hoff and Helen Whitford that they are a powerful set of image manipulation plugins.   I have taken the filters for a test run to try them out for myself.  I have used them in photoshop, but they are also available for use in Lightroom.   Read the review.  What do you think?  I was impressed.  If you would like to use them they are now free as a download from Google.

There are several sundry articles.  Tips for the light painting excursion to Port Willunga , the actual photos from the excursion, and an opinion piece,  “Is Straight out of Camera legitimate?”

Well that’s about it for now,  I hope you enjoy these articles.  I look forward to seeing you soon either out on excursion or in the club.

James Allan