February 2016


Welcome to February 2016.  Another year begins and already the cameras have been busy at work collecting images.  Have you ever stopped to think, there has never been a time in the history of mankind that so many images have been created.  Everyone with a phone now has a camera.  Have a look at this graph; (I have no idea how they collect these stats – probably just make them up)


The quantity of images is rising markedly, but what of the quality?  Are we seeing better stuff?  Could you even draw a graph of that?   Ray Goulter has written an article on this topic.  Have a read and give us your thoughts.  You know that the web page is able to receive and publish your comments.

Speaking of which, Jen Williams has done a great job hosting and running the BPC facebook group.  It is a closed group, but open to all members.  Send Jen a message and she will invite you to join the group.

Jen has written me an article about the 31 day challenge.  What is the 31 day challenge?  It is a club activity where members take and post a photograph a day for the 31 days of December.  Easy at first, but after a few weeks you get drained and have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with new ideas.  Fortunately this is a creative process.  Go and see for yourself.  All the images are on display on the club Flickr page.

Chris Schultz has lain down the gauntlet for members to continue to challenge themselves with a 52 week challenge.  This involves posting a themed image for each of 52 weeks in the calendar year.  It is run through an American photography group by the name Dogwood Photography.  The list of themes is available from their website.  Several members have already started, Chris, Bruce, Jen, Judy and myself.  You can also see these images on the club Flickr page.

Club activities:  The club year has started and we have already had a couple of workshops, an excursion, a display of archival images, a critique night and a competition.  A review of the “leading lines” competition and award winning images are available from the club webpage.  The Harbours Board 2banner this month comes from this competition and his image of red pillars at Port Adelaide was authored by Bruce Nankivell.

The Port Adelaide Excursion was well attended and there is an article on this activity.  Also Bruce had us looking for circles  down Norwood Parade and Osmond Terrace.  There is also an article on this activity.

This month I have guest articles by David Brown (on home printing) and Mark Pedlar (on Bas Relief) and Ray Goulter (an opinion piece).  I did try to create a posterized image using Mark Pedlars photoshop technique and the picture to the right is the result of my efforts.  See if you can do better.  All excellent contributions.  I hope you enjoy these offerings.