Friends of mine recently sold their beautiful historic property complete with one of those glorious, iconic Adelaide hills gardens. The garden was exquisitely landscape designed with great attention to detail and has been maintained with much TLC, so when they asked me if I would take a few photographs that they could use as memories of their beloved home it was simply impossible to say no and with delight I accepted.

It wasn’t the wide open botanic parts that they wanted images of so much as the little secrets held within the many pockets of this garden which hold  many memories for them.  Rather naively I set off one morning thinking it would take about an hour and before I knew it some four hours had slipped by.  I certainly found myself in “the zone” as I searched for photo opportunities, even coming back the next day to finish off and retry a couple of shots as I found myself awake at night trying to work out better options.

During my time there I remembered the words of Chris Oaten who spoke to the club in October last year about photographing live music. The bit that stuck for me was the need to “be aggressive” in your approach to taking a photograph. By this he meant don’t just stand in the same spot every time and take the same photo, move around to gain a different perspective, shoot low, shoot high, shoot at an angle, just try almost everything as you search for the “right shot”. By doing so I found myself learning new techniques.

Boxwell 7

I hope you enjoy their garden through my eyes.


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