June 2014 Edition – Style

June Banner-2Welcome to the June edition of Camera clips.  Yes I know it’s a little late.  I was away in Darwin for 3 weeks annual leave.  I think I missed the Critique night at the Aberfoyle park school, the talk by Ryan Schembri and the interclub competition with Edwardstown.  I have been informed that Tim Newbury was judge at the interclub and that both of the Seidel brothers received a 1/10 for one of their images and despite that we still came second.  The picture for the banner this week was an Australasian Grebe from the “disgraceful” competition.

This edition is on style.   I was trying to grapple with all the concepts involved in style and  I made a number of style sheets.  These are a single page summary of a certain style with an example image.  The Style sheets are available from the resource menu or by clicking here.

Style Sheets

I have also had contributions on style from Richard Akroyd, Ray Goulter and Terry Branford.

Terry’s comment is brief and I will quote him here.

On Style – James, I am not the most qualified to talk about photographic style, as I thought that focused photographs where a prerequisite to defining a style.  Some research, however, has changed my ideas;  I have a style.  A technique that deserves admiration!  To those that doubt my art, I present this quote that I found on “oneslidephotography.com”;

“One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are experimentation, and one hundred photos out of focus are a style.”

So there.

Terry Branford

In addition Richard has given us a review of a photography book by David duChemin – Within the Frame.

I have asked for articles from a few other members of the club and they may be printed in future editions.  I hope you enjoy this topic.




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