2017 Camera Clips quiz

Question 1

My camera is set to an aperture f8 and a shutter speed of 1/60th second. What shutter speed setting will I need to allow only half the amount of light to enter the camera?

a 1/30th second

b 1/120th second

c 1/125th second

reference: Demystifying the Numb3rs – Mark Pedlar

Question 2

When set at F8, the diaphragm of a 50mm lens has a hole 6.25mm across.

When set at F8, what is the diameter of the hole in the diaphragm of a 1000mm lens?

a.  6.25mm

b.  12.5mm

c.  125mm

reference: Demystifying the Numb3rs – Mark Pedlar

Question 3

What factors will increase the dust artifact of your dSLR images?

a. small f stop, 2.8

b. Fast shutter speed 1/1000

c. Dust is more common in the sky

reference: Dust – James Allan

Question 4


Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother instructing him on how to display the portrait painting ‘La Berceuse’ . He suggested that he flank the portrait with two canvases of the sunflowers, like a triptych.  What was the reason he gave?

 a. To emphasize the shape of the woman’s breasts

b. to emphasize the tones in the woman’s head

c. To reduce  the clash in tones between the woman and the back ground.

reference: Style sheet – tryptic

Question 5

The ROLLEI 6006 ROLLFILM CAMERA is a systems camera designed to rival the Hasselblad system.  What type of shutter did the Rollei employ?

a. Curtain shutter mounted in the body behind the mirror.

b. Leaf spring shutter mounted within each lens and fired electronically

c. Diaphram shutter mounted in the focal plane, just in front of the film canister.


Question 6

When taking an image of the milky way without star trails, which camera settings are most appropriate?

a. ISO 100

b. aperture f11

c. image stabilization – off

reference: Capturing stars without Trails – Chris Schultz

Question 7

In 2008 the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd announced that he found the work of an internationally acclaimed Australian photographer to be “absolutely revolting”and that they had “no artistic merit”.   Who was the photographer?

a. Bill Hensen

b. Trent Parke

c. Jesse Marlow

reference:  Photography and controversy

Question 8

Which famous artist worked with the Italian-American photographer Gijon Mili in 1949 to produce a series of light paintings?

a. Salvador Dali

b. Pablo Picasso

c. Andy Warhol

reference: Light Painting

Question 9

NIK filters are now available as a free download from Google.  They can be used in which of the following graphics programs?

a. Corel Paintshop Pro


c. Photoshop Elements

refernce: NIK filters – a test drive

Question 10

The 1953 exhibition entitled ‘New Visions in Photography’ was displayed at the Federal Hotel in Collins Street Melbourne and was probably the first glimpse of “New Objectivity” photography in Australia.   The exhibition was a collaboration between Wolfgang Sievers and which other Australian photographer?

a. Helmut Newton

b. Max Dupain

c. David Moore

reference: Famous Photographers

Question 11

What is the best approach to capturing lightning images at night?

a. Small aperture – F16

b. Autofocus – auto select focal point

c. long shutter speed – bulb

reference: Weather Photos, Judy Sara

Question 12

What techniques are disallowed in the post processing of wildlife images?

a. High dynamic Range stacking

b. Stitched panorama

c. Focus stacking

reference:  Rules for Nature and Wildlife competition.

Answers. 1. c 2. c 3. c 4. b 5. b 6. c 7. a 8. b 9. c 10. a 11. c 12.b