Lake Bonney with Alberto and Katie – James Allan

M_207_Lake_Bonney_Alberto_GiurelliAlberto has consistently scored well with beautiful landscapes on the banks of lake Bonny. The evening sun striking those grey limbs of the dead gums, the mirror like stillness of the lake, the reed beds.  It looks ethereal.  Like the baobab trees of Madagascar in the middle of a glassy lake.  It was no surprise that Helen Whitford, Frances and I were all keen to accompany Alberto when he invited us to his landscape heaven.  Jo Tabe and Graham Field also joined us.  They made an early get away before dawn to join us on the Sunday.  The question remains, where was everyone else?

DawnI’m sure the weekend would have been enjoyed by  more if they had wanted to attend.  However we were not short on numbers.  There were plenty of people.  Alberto was accompanied by Katie, his 3 girls, and another family of similar ages to the girls.  Helen was accompanied by Russell.  I had Frances.  In true Blackwood fashion we even picked up a stray.  Another fellow in a nearby cabin joined us for star photography on the  Sunday night.  “Gee this is so much fun, I’m loving this.” (see the article on star photography)

The best times however were had doing the unexpected, like light painting with the kids in the dark.

Or Canoeing at dawn on Loch Luna with big cameras to try and catch birds.  The old man in the caravan next to ours complained as we set off before sunup.  At the launching area another man walked his dogs.

I haven’t got any photos of Russell making a mess of his car driving through puddles in Chowilla game reserve, but I wish I had.  Alberto has given me his take on the weekend.  (read here).  I think I will let Frances and Helen tell the remainder of the story with their photographs.

Spending time away with people is a good time to cement friendships and to learn from each other.  Not just photography, but learning about life.  The June long weekend was no exception.  I look forward to the next time that we can do it again.

James Allan

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