February 2014 Edition

February BannerWelcome to the first edition of Camera Clips for 2014. Our Banner this month comes from a close up of a tropical fruit by Anne Trebilcock. It resembles a Monstera Deliciosa, but does not quite look right to me. I’d be glad for anyone to help me out.  Anne posted this image on the club website in the 31 day Challenge.  In fact I have included 31 images (1 a day) from a range of contributors to the challenge in a Gallery in this newsletter. (Plus 2 extras)   There are many more images on the club Flickr group page.  I think this year we had the greatest number of images ever presented. It is fun to follow the different photographers and see how they developed their respective themes. Ashley tells me we even had a new member, Jen who has joined the club, as a result of the Challenge.

We have started the year with a critique session and a show and tell night. Both were well attended and demonstrated a range of excellent images from new and old members of the club. I wait with anticipation to see what will surface at the first competition next week.

I have been fortunate in receiving 4 guest articles for this months newsletter. Alberto Giurelli has kindly explained his approach to vignetting. After alluding to it several times during his judging last year, it is nice to hear him explain why he finds it so important.  Terry Branford has written about a natty little device that he has discovered for controlling your camera by Wifi. This may be a boon for anyone doing a lot of tripod work. Check it out. Richard Acroyd has done a fabulous job putting together an article on his approach to HDR imaging. This goes a long way to explaining his passion for photography. Lastly Ray Goulter has given me an article on View Cameras that I will unfortunately have to hold over to the next edition of Camera Clips. In addition Richard has suggested that I look at some images of a New York Photographer, Ray Maisel. I was quite taken by his work and you will find a photo-essay of his images on the last page.

Another Richard, Richard Wormald, invited me to Mt Barker a couple of weeks ago to photograph a Polo meet. This was a lot of fun and I have put together some of Richard (and my) images in a photo-essay one page back from the last page. Lastly, Terry informs me that Adobe have released PS CS2 as a free download from their site. This is certainly an excellent offer and worth downloading if you do not already have a copy of this program.

I must thank all of the contributors to the magazine. I learn a lot when people are able to express their opinions, joys and discoveries. Currently I am looking for articles for the next newsletter. I would like to explore what people think of composition—how do you arrange the elements in your photo. How do you place a frame around the subject. What works and what doesn’t. Can you send me your ideas in 1 or 2 paragraphs.

Regards James




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