31 Day Challenge 2015 – Jen Williams

Hello everyone

James has given me the monumental task to sort through, pick out favourites and discuss our 31 day December Photo Challenge 2015 :P.

According to Flickr there was 495 photos uploaded ( I think Flickr is incorrect. Chris thinks 435ish) by 14 members so well done Challengers.

It is not easy to take a photo a day for a month and only a few of us managed 31 days but this Challenge is not really about getting 31 photos. It is about trying to improve our photography with “practice, practice, practice” to quote my old music teacher.

First Day

Day 1 Starts with a birthday candle and the only one of my images that will be commented on. My idea for this Challenge was to only use the 50mm lens and not crop. EPIC FAIL While I had good intentions and some are true to the theme I just had to chop and crop away starting with the very first photo! Oops my bad.


Moving on. James and Heather started with what they do best, Birds.

Brown Thornbill

James a Brown Thornbill


Heather with Pink Eared Ducks and a White Ibis.


Bruce started with the first day of summer and don’t I wish it was the last day of summer now. (I don’t remember it raining)


Matt C’s Old Timber has texture, contrast, lines and diagonals plus it is a great Black and White. I just wish I could get the image for this but he has his photo’s on lock down.


D D M broke down a Hose link to make a still life


Judy started with a stunning Calla Lily beautiful colour and filling the frame.


Mr Prez (Chris) took his Challenge to the Mall and captured a couple of dandy candies

22816076683_d6c9be1a8e_o (1)

Frances tempted us with a shopping list showing the makings of a Christmas cake (which I hope was delicious)


Adrian found a door with character, peeling paint and padlocks


Kent (Anne) gave us a closer look at Monstera deliciosa fruit which can be eaten. I have never tried it.


Kerry showing off her beautiful Hydrangeas (I wish mine looked half this good).

.That concludes day one.


Don’t worry I am not going through every day and every photo as there are too many for that.  Here are some favourites.

Over the 31 days we photographed


127 photos of plants and flowers


35 photos of Birds


19 Food photos


32 photos of Insects


4 Photos of Frogs

The remaining 218 photos showcased many varied subjects

from portraits


To light painting


This one from Bruce taken at Jubilla had me remembering my old Bridgewater days.


Perhaps we will see this in the leading lines competition.

Kerry on Day 19 posted this image a well thought out composition in my opinion.  I would like to share with you the Ah Ha moment for me.  Day one Kerry posted her Hydrangea photo which I thought was pretty. However on Day 19 when Kerry posted this image, I was struck by the thought out composition.  Overall I found the challenge was difficult, making you frustrated after using up all of your usual subject matter.  But once you reach that point, look what happens.  You start doing things differently and the creativity really gets going.


There have been some beautiful flower images posted but this one is a bit different it has been called a smelly rotting corpse flower. A few brave souls lined up at Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens to get a whiff of this one


Thanks Bruce for this fabulous image. It is actually a stunning flower shame about the smell.


Day 31 Judy posted this one.  I’m seeing Circles.  And so it ends.  See you all again this year ( I nearly typed next year).  Thanks for sticking with me and of course all opinions are mine alone



PS the next email I get from James will be deleted before it can be opened. HA HA.

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