September 2018 Camera Clips

Kerry-Malec_Eastern-Rosella-Twirled Banner

I am heading off on holidays for 6 weeks and so I have pushed the next edition of Camera clips to be published a month early.  The three banners this month come from the “Break the Boundries” competition.  This topic did not mean entering flawed images, but more extending yourself beyond your comfort zone to try new things.  The images are  Kerry Malec, Eastern Rosella twirled, Bev Langley, two red necked avocets doing a happy dance and Judy Sara, a hint of camellia. You can see more of the competition images on the club web page.

Red Necked Avocet Banner


Lindsay Poland was our judge on the night.  Lindsay has quite a reputation, conducting workshops and has just returned from judging in Victoria.  Coming from outside the camera club circuit he has a different approach.  He favours strong simple compositions and rewards well printed and presented images.  He penalizes post processing that is obvious to the viewer, in particular if it increases noise and sharpening artifact.  His attention to detail is phenomenal, viewing the images from close up he is uncanny in his analysis of camera technique and post production.  It is hard to pull the wool over his observant gaze.

Earlier this month Jen Williams arranged an impromptu excursion to the Art Gallery of SA to view the exhibition by Tracey Moffatt, “the body remembers” and the American “Potraitists”.  There were only a small number of us present, but it was still a worthwhile endevour.  I have collected some quotes from Tracey, where she comments on her own work.

Judy Sara has written an article about her and Greg’s trip to East Indonesia following in the steps of Alfred Russell Wallace an early naturalist.  You may have heard of Wallace’s line.  If not have a read and discover what it’s all about.

On the topic of breaking the rules, I have a few different articles.  First you must understand what are the conventions and rules.  Years ago I was given a series of article by Brenda Amos in which she spells the basics for new photographers.  Have a read, I believe that she has done a good job in her articles.

I have an article on the golden ratio.  It has been a popular concept in design and composition.  I have included this piece to explore the concept.  Lastly there is an article on various soft ware programs that will give your photograph an artistic rendering.  Several of these images appeared in the competition, and did modestly well, including Kerry Malec’s image that we have used as the banner this month.  If you want to try something different, it may be worth exploring some of these options.

Lastly, Judy and I were booked to run  the September excursion to Laratinga.  Unfortunately I will be away on holidays.  However I have given my tips for finding and photographing birds.  It is truly a wonderful bird location and I have visited many times.  I hope that you find the tips helpful.

I wish you all well over the next 6 weeks and hope to catch up in late October.

regards James