April 2018 Camera Clips


David Hancock - Stay Calm Banner

Ron Hassan - what could have been - bannert

Welcome to April Camera Clips.  The images are entitled Student, Stay Calm and Contemplating what could have been.  Acknowledgements to Judy Sara, David Hancock and Ron Hassan who have entered these images into the Natural light Portraiture competition that I have used for banners in this months CC’s.  The last of these Banners was a photograph of Stephanie taken at the “Natural light excursion” to the old Port Willunga jetty last month.  In my opinion all Camera Clips 10’s.  The Natural light portraiture competition has been written up on the club web page by Bruce Nankivell.  Click here for the link.

On the first of March we had a presentation by Marianne and Dylan Toh from Everlookphotography.  Dylan’s excellent presentation was well attended, having several other clubs joining us on the night.  He was an excellent photographer with excellent skills.  One aspect that struck me was that he bracketed for different photographic exposures and then merged the images with luminosity masks.  “Oh damn” I thought. “I’ve been meaning to look that up for a while now”.  Accordingly I have researched the concept (luminosity masks) and given a brief summary.  In my opinion it is an advanced photoshop skill, but worth learning as it gives greater control.  (Note luminosity masks are built into the selection tools of some programs like – NIK filters and Adobe RAW)

Have any of you seen the Netflix series, “The Crown”?  I was intrigued that the story for one episode hinges around the antics of a fashion photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones.  There seems to be an interesting relationship between Royalty and their photographers.  I have explored this theme by looking at several famous portraits.  I was quite fascinated, especially by the attitude of Richard Avedon to his subjects the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  Read on and discover this unbelievable but true story.

Last month Mark wrote in support of Camera Clips.  This month he extols some of his vision for the camera club.  I am grateful for the contributions of our current president.

As with last month I have released an old 2013 edition of Camera clips from the archives.  Interestingly this edition (May 2013) had a brief article about street photography.  I thought this was apt, given that it is the topic for our next competition.  Bruce has also written an article on Street photography for the club excursion to Glenelg, relying heavily on links to useful posts on the club facebook account.  In particular Chris and Jen have been influential in their points of view.  It is worth the effort reading all these articles if you have the time.  I was looking for some way to summarize all of these concepts and so have written on the Tenants of street photography.

Lastly Graham has put together a collection of images from the Port Willunga excursion.  You will remember that Les Ludgate had put together his tips for portraiture in an article that featured last month.

Read on and I hope you enjoy this edition.