My Secret Spot – The Mortlock Library

Panorama 5Where is it? – It’s attached to The State Library of SA on North Terrace.  It’s about second or third building past the War Memorial on North Terrace.  It’s easy to walk past.  You go in through the State library main entrance and follow the signs up to the first floor.  You go right across the companionway to the old building.  From the modern entrance-way you suddenly find yourself in the musty world of old books and wooden wall paneling, antique Back to where I've come fromclocks and  mezanine floors and staircases.  It’s a walk back into Victorian times.  Check out the barrel vault glass ceiling.  The lowest level is full of display cases and hosts exhibitions.  The next two levels are packed with book cases and uni students huddling around tables.   The books are all old.  You are free to take photographs as long as you don’t disturb other users of the space.  Well worth the visit.

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